How to introduce yourself so that you are remembered

How difficult is it sometimes to introduce yourself, agree? But this is how the first impression develops about you. And you need to be able to produce it.

"Tell us about yourself, Innocent."
Frightened, he squeezes in a corner and does not know what exactly to say: that he likes to embroider a cross and make cheesecakes, or maybe it’s worth mentioning how your position sounds? It is difficult for Innocent, and for us, too. What to do?

Tip # 1: Information as a contribution

So, let's compare:
"Hello, my name is Innokenty Vorchunov and I am a manager at McDonald's."

This is very good, of course, but even Innocent has a business card or it is fashionable to say a business card, where the same is written. After such an idea, you will not have any impression of the person, there will be a feeling that he has not been revealed to you. This is the same as writing dry letters and always reminding you of respect (dear, it would be disrespectful of me, with respect, etc.).

The following will sound much better:

“Hi, I'm Innocent. I have been representing McDonald's company for 15 years, I have quite a lot of experience working with a wide variety of clients, I grow with our company and know everything and a little more about the service. Probably". // You can add that you are glad to meet or are now ready to start your report / story and so on.

The joke will be very useful, as well as a few words about something else like your emotions, for example.

Tip # 2: Try to be remembered

Most often, after the presentation, a person forgets your name in 10 seconds. Can you imagine what will happen with the description of your work? That is why you need to bring details and emotions into the story. And even better (and more effective) will immediately draw the attention of the audience to the fact that you really can be useful.

For example, Innocent would have mentioned that he was ready to answer any questions that are related to work in the restaurant business, perhaps things would have gone better.

You have to give something to be remembered. Let it be something simple, unobtrusive.

//If it’s really hard to remember and you have to make a presentation, then why not offer everyone a bar of chocolate or give out an apple (improvise). But this is only if you know that you have to introduce yourself and speak in public.

Tip # 3: The Cultural Aspect

Here again, remember humor again. When people sit with serious faces during a presentation or just at an event, but at the same time think that they need to buy sausages for the evening, then this ... is a failure.

In our country, of course, not everyone will be happy with a new joke. Do not overdo it with political aspects (please a person with a joke about sanctions only if he does not work in state structures).

If you are speaking with a foreigner, then try to draw any cultural parallels, discuss with him aspects that relate to life in another state. Be interested. If with an Italian you joke about Silvio Berlusconi, then most likely he will appreciate it.

And in general, if you often meet with foreigners, then try to learn the traditions of business events. Just so as not to get into a mess.

"Good afternoon! My name is Innocent.

And my parents, of course, dreamed that I became an actor (an option for Russia). But my surname has nothing to do with Smoktunovsky, just like my artistic abilities.

I have been working at McDonald’s as an administrator for 15 years, during which time I learned a lot about the service and aspects of running a restaurant business in Russia. The fast food chain in our country developed completely differently and I managed to put my hand to it. If you are interested, I can tell you a little later.

// I am very glad to see you at this event // I am glad to meet you.

PS Innocent is a fictional character (all coincidences are random). We just wanted to give you an illustrative example.

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