The deputy demanded to ban Windows 10

    According to Izvestia’s information , State Duma deputy and chief lawyer of the Communist Party faction Vadim Solovyov sent Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika a request for a check of Microsoft regarding the compliance of its new Windows 10 operating system with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data protection.

    Microsoft, using the operating system, automatically collects and stores the history of web pages visited by the user, passwords to sites, user coordinates, fragments of mail correspondence and SMS, data on calls made, data from the address book and other personal information. According to Solovyov, this violates Russian law, according to which the collection and processing of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation can only be carried out by organizations included in the register of personal data operators. At the same time, the company, in accordance with the license agreement, reserves the right to provide fragments of personal correspondence and other collected personal data of users at the request of the special services, as well as publish and use it in other ways at will. According to the deputy, given that many Russian government agencies use Windows operating systems in their work, secret information may leak to foreign intelligence services. “Actually, it's about espionage.”

    According to the law, personal data of Russians must be processed and stored on the territory of Russia, while in the licensing agreement Microsoft prescribes its right to disclose information to third parties, the deputy notes. Since Microsoft is not in the public register of personal operators, the distribution of Windows 10 in the Russian Federation is illegal, Soloviev believes.

    In the request, the deputy asks to check the company, as well as “take measures to block the corresponding Internet resource from which it is possible to download this software product, before making a final decision on its admission to the Russian market, as well as issue a warning to the executive and legislative authorities of the Russian Federation on use of this software product on their devices »

    As they say - no comment.

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