Attraction of unprecedented generosity: 52,000 rubles from the state to everyone for the purchase of shares

    How to save up for your apartment, if you have money melting away on your salary card every day, not only because you spend it, but also because the percentage on the deposit is lower than even official inflation ?! In such a situation, one has to look for new ways to protect capital, as well as additional sources of income.

    In continuation of the topic of personal finance management, today I will talk about how to kill two birds with one stone - to start trading on the Moscow Exchange and legally reimburse myself for part of the taxes withheld from wages.


    Each of the working citizens of the Russian Federation with his salary monthly deducts taxes and payments to the funds.

    In Moscow, contributions in 2015 are as follows:

    - Personal income tax (PIT) - 13%
    - To the Pension Fund of Russia - 22%,
    - To the Social Insurance Fund - 2.9%;
    - To the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (MHIF) - 5.1%.

    Managing retirement savings is a complex and extensive topic, I plan to return to it in one of the following posts. Today we’ll talk about personal income tax refund.

    There are several ways to get part of the personal income tax paid back:

    1. Buy an apartment. Buying an apartment allows you to take advantage of the benefit once - to reimburse yourself 13% of the cost of real estate purchased. But if the cost of an apartment exceeds 2,000,000 rubles, then the maximum payment will be only 260,000 rubles.

    2. Take a mortgage. There is a benefit that allows you to return part of the interest on the mortgage. It is calculated as follows - your mortgage payments consist of two parts: interest payments on the debt and the debt itself. You can return 13% of the amount of interest paid per year on debt.

    3. Become an investor. It is enough to conclude a contract with a broker and open a special account - an individual investment account (IIA). This separate type of accounts appeared in 2015 due to the desire of the Government of the Russian Federation to stimulate the development of national exchanges.

    There are other benefits for personal income tax: reimbursement of expenses for education, treatment, and so on, but today I will talk about IIS, continuing the theme of smart management of my own finances.

    Starting January 1, 2015, the third chapter of the Federal Law of 04.22.1996 No39-ФЗ “On the Securities Market” was supplemented by Article 10.3, which regulates the opening of individual investment accounts.

    The fact of opening the IIA gives an individual the right to reimburse part of the personal income tax paid.

    IMS can be of two types, depending on the type of privilege chosen. The second feature of IMS is a long-term tool: you can open an account of this type for any period, but not less than 3 years.

    IIS of the second type

    I will start right away with the second type, because he is the easiest. When opening an IIS with a privilege of the second type, you get an account with a broker that is completely exempt from personal income tax from operations. Yes Yes! If you trade on the exchange, conduct operations with a positive result, you not only have to pay the broker for each transaction according to the chosen tariff, you also have to pay the state 13% of the profit. Typically, the broker is responsible for the calculation and deduction of transaction taxes for you. But in general, the law is clear: make a profit - pay personal income tax. If we believe in our success on the exchange, we open the second type of IMS, and our exchange strategy becomes even more profitable. That is, in any case, you must be active on the exchange, trade and make a profit.

    This type of benefit is easiest - the broker simply does not calculate the tax and does not withhold it. You don’t have to report it anywhere.
    You can get this benefit even if you do not have a job and you do not deduct personal income tax from your salary.

    Type IIS

    When opening an IIS, you will be able to annually receive a refund of a portion of personal income tax in the amount of money deposited in the tax period to an individual investment account. You open an IIS of the appropriate type, deposit a certain amount on it, and next year you get a plus of 13% of the amount contributed to the IIS.

    There are three restrictions:
    1. You must be a payer of personal income tax.
    2. You can deposit any amount of money on the IIS, but the maximum deduction can be obtained from the amount not exceeding 400,000 rubles per year.
    3. If for the billing year you paid personal income tax less than it should be reimbursed to you under IIA, then the amount actually paid will be refunded.

    Now, an example.

    For 2015, you received income at the main place of work in the amount of 600,000 rubles, having paid 13% income tax in the amount of 78,000 rubles during the year. In the same tax period, you opened IIS and contributed 400,000 rubles to it.

    After the tax period, you must submit documents to the IFTS at the place of registration - tax return 3-NFDL, and by attaching supporting documents from the broker and a statement, you can reduce your tax base by 400,000 rubles. That is, you will be returned from the budget 52 000 rubles. (13% of 400,000 rubles).

    How to manage this money is up to you. You can deposit them on IIS to get another deduction next year. The amount of future deduction will depend on the amount contributed for each year of existence of the IIS. If next year you again deposit 400,000 rubles into the account, then you will again receive 52,000 deductions.

    Using IMS of the first type, we get an analogue of a bank deposit with a minimum period of 3 years, with a yield of 13% per annum, the possibility of replenishment.

    Is it a lot or a little? A couple of months ago, many banks could receive a deposit for a year with a yield of 18-22% per annum, but now the Central Bank is again lowering its key rate, and banks, in turn, are lowering not only deposit rates, but also interest rates on term deposits - like interest on the balance on your payroll bank card.

    The main plus of the IIS of the first type: money deposited into the account can be invested in assets. The law does not oblige you to do this, in order to receive benefits it is enough to open an account with a broker, deposit money and file a declaration on time, but we learn to manage our money efficiently, and we also have financial goals. Therefore, we can make money on this money twice.

    A bond is a debt security. Bonds, like deposits, provide an opportunity to receive interest on invested funds. In both cases, the investor gives money in debt - in one case to the bank, in the other - to the issuer of bonds, which may be played by the state, federal subjects and commercial companies. The most reliable bonds are securities issued by the federal government.

    In the securities market, all instruments are divided according to two parameters: risk and profitability. I will not go into the wilds of trading, but in short, the more reliable the paper, the lower its yield.

    Kamaz conducted the placement of bonds today, so for example we take them:

    Issuer, issue numberKAMAZ, BO-12
    Type of debt obligations Bonds
    Issue statusIn circulation
    Type of allocationPublic
    Denomination Currency1 000 RUR
    Issue volume5,000,000,000
    Registration date06/04/2015
    Gos. registration number4-12-55010-D
    ISIN CodeRU000A0JVP39
    Placement end date08/06/2015
    Estimated Start Date08/06/2015
    Initial placement price100
    Initial placement profitability11.56
    Coupon rate1-30 coupons - 11.24% per annum
    Coupon payment frequency2 times per year
    Coupon Start Date08/06/2015
    maturity date07/18/2030
    Bond agentdowner: Sberbank CIB, VTB Capital
    Trading floorRU000A0JVP39 (Third Level, 08/06/2015)

    If we purchase KAMAZ, BO-12 bonds for the entire amount of the invested funds, we will get an annual yield of 13% personal income tax + 11.24% from the payment of coupons on bonds, which in total is a beautiful 24.24% per annum.

    Coupons on these bonds are paid twice a year, and we receive a tax deduction once a year.

    Early withdrawal of funds from IMS

    If, for some reason, you urgently need money and you have to close the IIS ahead of schedule, then you will be deprived of benefits. If you terminate the ISS of the second type, you will have to pay personal income tax on all profitable transactions, and with the first type, if you have already received deductions, you will have to return them back to the budget. A kind of penalty was invented so that the exchange could receive medium-term and long-term capital.

    UPD:Brokers are just starting to offer different conditions of IMS, a good post was published by ivansychev comparing the conditions of popular brokers - read the link .

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