Samsung shuts down Boxee service

    Two years ago, Samsung acquired the Boxee streaming service . Now the company closes this service, and completely dismisses the team. Ex-Boxee CEO Avner Ronen, who has served as vice president of product for the company, is also leaving his post. Previously, the corporation invested heavily in the Boxee service and team, expanding its staff from 40 to 100 people. The goal is to create the perfect service for TV.

    The corporation planned to use a tablet device in order to make managing TV and service functions more convenient. In this case, the tablet could be used as an advanced remote control. All this was supposed to come with hi-end TVs as a replacement for the traditional remote control.

    All this sounds quite promising, but unfortunately, the project will probably not be implemented. Dozens of people have been fired relatively recently, including representatives from the old Boxee team. The project had several problems, one of which was problems when concluding an agreement with content providers. Also, there were contradictions within the team.

    Now all this is already in the past - the service is closed, and, probably, the project achievements will remain only on paper.

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