Uber tests leasing and invests $ 1 billion in development in India

    Uber will invest a billion dollars in business development in India . The company's goal is to bring the number of daily trips to a million. In China, Uber has already managed to reach this level. India is the second largest market for Uber after China.

    According to the head of Uber in India, Amit Jeen, the Indian market is one of the priorities along with China and uberPOOL . According to the company, its Indian business grew by 40% compared to last month. The company sees huge potential in India, so achieving high performance in this country is a doable task.

    Invested funds will be used to expand the service in new cities, develop new services and payment methods and organize a large support network, TechCrunch reports .

    Uber's direct competitor in the Indian market is Ola's transportation service . The latter operates in 100 cities in India. While Uber is only at 14.

    On Thursday, the company beganTest your own car rental program in three US states - California, Maryland and Georgia. To rent a car, a deposit of $ 250 is required. Compared to other services where long-term car rental contracts are concluded, in Uber Xchange Leasing, the driver simply loses the deposit upon termination of the contract, without any additional penalties. According to a Uber spokesman, a 2013 Toyota Camry with a cost of $ 15 thousand will cost $ 120 per week through Xchange Leasing for a 36-month lease, while a 2013 Toyota Corolla with a cost of $ 13.5 thousand will cost $ 110 a week.

    Now Uber operates in 57 countries, including Russia. The company's value is $ 40 billion. According toAmerican company Clarify, in the second quarter of this year, Uber for the first time was able to get ahead of traditional taxi services in the business travel market in the United States. The share of service in the second quarter was 55%, while 43% of businessmen used taxi services.

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