Sale: magic SSD hosting for a year at a 3-month cost + transfer from another provider for free

Due to the expansion of the hosting infrastructure and a large number of free resources, we are starting an unprecedented sale. Only now you have the opportunity to order a magic SSD hosting for a year in the Netherlands or the USA at a 3-month cost, as well as upgrade and renew existing accounts at a new tariff: - now 10GB of SSD quotas for hosting up to 10 full-fledged websites (excluding consumed resources , only traffic is taken into account), are available for order for $ 1.58 / month (when paid for a year)!

    What do we give?

    - The power of at least 4 ten-core Intel Deca-Core Xeon E7-4850 processors is available to you;
    - we are sure that we should provide you with the opportunity to consume as much traffic as necessary, because each of the hosting servers has an Internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 Gb / s , with the possibility of increasing to 40 Gb / s;
    - while most hosting providers still use “slow” SATA hard drives that provide no more than 50-140 read / write operations per second (IOPS), we build solutions exclusively on SSDs that provide 50,000 IOPS and more!

    But that is not all. Everyone who decides to transfer their projects from other hosting providers can use the free transfer service of any number of sites with the help of our administrators!

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