Ex-Mail.ru Group employee raised 30 million rubles and launched a new platform for mobile advertising

    Ex-head of the Mail.ru Group mobile advertising division Mikhail Maly launched the MobiSharks service . The project was invested by Valery Kashin and Gennady Nagornov, the founders of the Auditorius algorithmic procurement service for display advertising . In addition, Denis Asenov, co-owner of Positive Media digital agency, became an investor . 30 million rubles were invested in MobiSharks.

    The aim of the project is to develop a platform with detailed placement statistics and analysis of the effectiveness of the used "mobile" channels. The team also plans to create its own tools and work on the use of mobile data. In the process of development of the project, tasks such as user identification on different platforms, the correct consideration of cross-frequency and aggregate coverage in the "big web" and the mobile environment will be solved. In the future, it is planned to bring the project to foreign markets - the USA, Europe, Latin America and China.

    A distinctive feature of MobiSharks is the use of not only automated advertising procurement models, but also manual optimization of campaigns.

    “If earlier, referring to the mobile advertising operators, the advertiser faced a“ black box ”in which he did not understand what was happening and how, then we see understandable relationships and the logic of purchasing mobile traffic and get a specific, measurable ROI,” noted Gennady Nagornov.

    According to the developers, MobiSharks is "the first comprehensive technology project in the Russian mobile advertising market."

    “The main mission of our project is to return advertisers' investments in mobile marketing. The service combines the expertise of manual optimization and conducting effective advertising campaigns on the mobile Internet, ” Mikhail Malyi told RUSBASE.

    Today, the Russian mobile advertising market is estimated at 4 billion rubles. According to J'son & Partners Consulting, in 2014 the segment grew by 15%. According to the company's forecasts, the mobile advertising market in Russia will be estimated at more than 13 billion rubles by 2017.

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