First commercial experience in developing games on Unity 3D

    We want to talk about our first experience in developing games on Unity 3D. It was necessary to create games on a national theme for the social site We have long wanted to create games and were happy with this news and wanted to try something new. We were looking forward to victory, because the games were not so complicated, and at least we had some experience in creating games. 4 mini-games had to be done in three months, according to our calculations, we would have managed in two. But as often happens, a ship called “Waiting” collides with the “Reality” iceberg and goes down, so it happened with us. The customer said that he wants to play flash, but as we did not explain to him that few people are using this technology now, and gradually they are abandoning it. But he didn’t care, and even if he didn’t, he couldn’t do anything, since the state order and the order drawn up a year ago wrote flash games. We had no choice, either we create games, or they are looking for other developers,

    While negotiations were underway on the topic of games, we developers thought about how we should be. We had two choices: the first to learn the Action Script language and create games on it, the second to make the same games on Unity 3D, because it is cross-platform and we liked creating games on it. But the trouble is, flash technology is not supported by Unity as we thought, and the creators of the engine refused it. At that time, all our games were made on the free version of Unity 3D and there was no flash platform. And they began to search the forums about the engine and flash. Everywhere it was written that games on flash are not relevant, but we came across one post where it was written that in the paid version of the engine there is the possibility of converting to flash. We decided to check if this was true and downloaded the crack version of Unity, and now we found luck what we were looking for. Write games on Unity and convert them to flash,

    Everything went well, because in a month we made two games and proceeded to the third. There was no game design and we began to ask what happened to him when the drawings were ready, but it turns out that the designer worked for others besides us and did not have time. I didn’t throw off the complete design for the first game, but it didn’t please the customers. In the meantime, we were completing the third game and began to ponder the fourth, because it was a bit problematic. You ask, what about the fourth, the fact is that this game is a continuation of the existing game on the site ( here) and she is very many years old, we did not get the source for this game because it is ancient and there are no contacts of the people who developed it. I had to decompile the flash game. A couple of hours and we pulled out all the resources that were required for the second version of the third game, and then came up with bicycles on a crutch, so that the second version ( here ) was no different from the first. All games were ready, except for one, as there was always a lack of design, because it was not ready yet. And then a miracle, the mountain gave birth to a mouse, the long-awaited design of the game was ready, and we did not slowly begin to work after the rest. So the summer passed, which was not remembered for anything like hard work, creating bicycles and crutches.

    Classes at the university began, so we had to find time to work, all day long after couples we spent in the library finishing games, because customers were not happy with what they wanted last month. One programmer had to take on the work of the artist and draw the missing elements of the games and simultaneously finish the games, another instructed on the implementation of these games and their documentation. As for the source code, it is written in C # and there is no Action Script there, in this form we presented them to the customer. So it took four months to create games and launch them instead of the planned three.

    During this time, we drew attention to such things as: terms of reference, time management and copyright laws that we violated. About Unity 3D, we warned them to purchase a paid version of the game engine. At the end of September, we received money for our work and this hell stopped, after we hear the word state order, we recall this hellish summer, which taught us how to dodge and come up with cunning plans. Link to one of the games, the design of which we have been waiting for ( here ).

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