Satisfaction, safety and labor productivity: what prevents this from being achieved?

Original author: Abby Pingree
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Sometimes hard work brings nothing but frustration and feelings of helplessness. How to avoid this and make full use of your potential ? In this we will try to figure it out.

“I feel disappointed and helpless, I am trapped in a business model that does not allow me to fully utilize my potential,” says Abby Pingry, hospice nurse. In this article, she frankly talks about the fact that sometimes, in the literal sense of the word, she deceives the expectations of her patients, obeying the requirements of the system, and suffers when she realizes this. How about drawing parallels with your business and drawing conclusions? A word to the author.

I am a nurse in a hospice. And one thing in my profession really brings me satisfaction. I can come home and understand that today I worked well. I respond to the needs of patients and their families, compassionately communicating with them in a calm, unhurried manner. I have quite busy days, so sometimes I get tired. On one of these days, like this one, I realized that I was not giving my patients what they needed most: my understanding, support and experience. In fact, I am deceiving their expectations.

I am 100% sure that productivity, which is talked about so much, is not the main thing in the work of a nurse. If I have too many tasks, most likely I will not be able to cope with them in eight hours, which means that I need to choose between quality care for my patients and the needs of my children. This currently existing model of a nurse’s work schedule is becoming prevalent even here in the hospice. Although she is fundamentally wrong! And I am ashamed, because the end of a person’s life should be accompanied by the most careful leaving and sincere care.

I am aware that the “come and go” approach helps you adapt to a busy day, save time and energyfor home life. But I feel this is wrong. I understand that days like this happen from time to time, but when it becomes a common norm, you probably need to think about rethinking the working model of a nurse.

Many nurses do schedules or other tasks in extra unpaid time. When I worked in the hospital, I did the same thing: I arrived early to get acquainted with the patient’s medical history and to be well aware of what he needs. I needed to do this before the start of my shift, because all day, I, like other nurses, ran from floor to floor. But I ask myself: why is this considered acceptable? Why do we stick to this particular model, which gives so little professional satisfaction?

It is possible that the productivity model is based on financial frugality, but I absolutely do not understand how increasing the productivity of a nurse's work can save money. When people in our profession begin to rush, this leads to mistakes, new medical intervention and an increase in the cost of treatment. So, here everything is the other way around: the nurse should work slowly, but carefully, it is this approach that saves finances.
Compassion, kindness and a desire to serve others are the main reasons why I chose the profession of a nurse. I appreciate the science of care, I like to earn income, but the key point is my love for people.

I feel disappointed and helpless; I am trapped in a business model that does not allow me to fully use my potential- A business model in which the needs of patients and their families are not honored. I am powerless when I work in an industry where income is more important than compassion for a person and his needs. But in fact, I am not helpless, I have a voice and I will use it to achieve a change in workloads in the interests of our patients, their families and the society I serve.

And how often do we ourselves do not pay enough attention to our clients? Just due to the fact that initially we choose the quantity to the detriment of quality? We are fighting for productivity, but in fact, as if on purpose, we are doing everything to reduce it, succumbing to common misconceptions ... Maybe it's time to change something?

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Translation by Vyacheslav Davidenko, founder of MBA Consult

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