Ways to drive targeted traffic to a real estate agency website


    I want to talk about some ways to attract targeted traffic to the site of a young real estate agency.

    Attracting targeted traffic with new development sites

    In any large city in Russia, new construction projects are constantly appearing. Developers begin to invest in advertising - this is where you need to catch the benefit for your site.

    1. We find new buildings.
    2. We collect all the information about these objects.
    3. We create landing pages of these objects on the website of your agency.
    4. We promote these pages in search engines.

    Since the objects are new and there will be very little information about them, the key requests for promotion will be mainly low-frequency. In these conditions, it will be easy to bring the site to the TOP. Well, then everything will develop according to the scenario: the more developers invest in advertising, the more popular the object becomes, and since you will already be in the TOP - a substantial part of the traffic will go to your site.

    Attracting targeted traffic to the site using future real estate

    This method is similar to the previous one. So, consider the situation.

    In your city, the development of a large new microdistrict called "Lesnoy" has begun. People are buying apartments, the developer is constantly advertising his property. Everything is going well.

    Since the residents of the city have positive impressions of the Lesnoy project, the hour is not long when the Lesnoy 2 project or something like that will be launched.

    At this stage, we need to do the following:
    1. Create a lesnoi2.site.ru subdomain for your site on the hosting and place some simple page about the object here.
    2. We optimize the page for promotion and send it to Yandex for indexing.

    As a result, the site will be the only source of information about this object. Of course, it is not a fact that this object will be called that way, or will be ever built at all. But you do not lose anything. Maximum - you spend 30 minutes of your time on it and not a penny of money.

    A similar scheme is good to carry out when you have sources close to developers and dedicated to their plans.

    In the comments, I suggest discussing similar schemes for attracting targeted traffic to sites on various topics.

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