The owner of the site put up a resource for sale

    The accounting website is now for sale at a price of 71.75 million rubles. on the exchange of sites and domains Telderi. One of the users of the site exchange made a bid, offering 24 million rubles, writes. According to the seller, the monthly profit of the resource is 500 thousand, while the total revenue of the site is 1.5 million, and the expense is 1 million rubles.

    The seller positions his site as “The largest Internet publication in Runet specializing in accounting, legal and tax topics. The project was founded in 2001 as a resource uniting people in the field of professional interests. At the same time, a forum was created on the site for users to discuss accounting and tax issues, and blogs later appeared. At the time of reporting: 200,000 visitors per day. ”

    The main source of income is direct sale of advertising (about 93% of the total revenue of the site). has its own editorial office and sales department, where 23 people work.

    According to the owner of the resource, Boris Maltsev, the decision to sell the site was made because he was tired of this asset: “Now it is a well-developed business, but it needs a new impetus, new ideas and managerial solutions for development. I am convinced that the success of Internet projects largely depends on the personal involvement of the owner in the process. But now I'm busy with a new project - the site (city online poster - and I can’t pay enough attention to my other brainchild - the portal ”

    The funds received for the sold site, Maltsev plans to spend on other projects, or on real estate.

    The site was evaluated not by Maltsev, but by IIDF and a private investment company. Some experts do not agree with this assessment, considering it overstated: “I would focus on an estimate of 30-40 million rubles for the entire company. is an excellent resource, but it will be interesting only to those who know how to monetize a specific audience of accountants. There are not many of them. Now the potential assessment of any business is lower than a couple of years ago, but not the fact that in the next year or two the situation will change for the better. ”

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