VK application removed from Google Play at the request of copyright holders

    In the evening of July 11, it became known that the version of the VKontakte application for Android was removed from the Google Play store . Unlike the App Store , from where the application was deleted more than once, this happened on Google Play for the first time.

    While the application is not on Google Play, the link to download the Android version of VKontakte has been posted in the official group dedicated to the application.

    According to a representative of the social network, George Lobushkin, VKontakte employees are investigating the incident.

    The likely cause of the incident was the complaint of one of the three largest record labels (Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music / EMI), with which VKontakte is negotiating the legalization of music,transmit Izvestia.

    From the App Store, the VK app for iOS was first removed in early 2014. Then followed a series of deletions and returns. As a result, the application was returned to the store. But, in order to avoid new claims, the music section was removed from the updated version of the application .

    On June 17, representatives of the social network announced the removal of Lynt from the Google Play application . This is a third-party client for VKontakte, which allows you to listen to music. The removal is explained by the complaint of Warner Music Russia about the access to the tracks Muse - Super massive black hole and Bianca - "Sneakers" in the application.

    Megamind wrote last year that Universal Music ,Sony Music and Warner Music UK sued VKontakte for violating their rights. The leadership of the social network has decided to remove pirated music. Thus, the company fulfilled the main requirement of copyright holders.

    However, representatives of the plaintiffs believe that VKontakte is responding too slowly to requests for removal of content. Therefore, they do not see the opportunity to peacefully solve the problem and will seek to satisfy the requirements in full: “When the content is removed from the site only after the lawsuit is filed and only in connection with the lawsuit, and moreover, several months after the lawsuit, then the speech about proper compliance with requirements cannot be ”

    Universal Music CEO in Russia Dmitry Kononov said that a court decision is expected in mid-2015.

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