How in 6 months the blog brought us 35,000 visitors

    Friends, hello everyone! Today I decided to share with you our blogging experience. He is already six months old and we have filled a lot of cones and achieved certain results. From the post you will find out how many registrations you received and how the blog was promoted.

    Why and how did this blog come about? The fact is that in this project we combined business with pleasure: my desire to blog about entrepreneurship in IT and a tool to promote our help desk system for customer support. Initially, the idea was to run a thematic blog on the topic of Customer Support, but it was not so interesting.

    Let's take a look at the statistics of the blog. The first record “ Dollar for 65? See the crisis! We are launching a startup!"Appeared in it on January 15, 2015. She became the most popular (at least for now) blog post. Now the blog has only 15 posts and 131 comments. Some notes collected dozens of reposts in social networks. The first post set a record - 144 Facebook reposts and 20 retweets.

    Now let's take a look at the traffic that we received exclusively from the blog. Below is a screenshot from Yandex Metrics. As you can see, until the first note in the block in January 2015, there was absolutely no traffic on the site. Also peaks are clearly visible in the screenshot - these are the outputs of new blog articles.

    In total for the first half of 2015 on we received:
    • 35,159 visits
    • 20 193 unique visitors
    • 758 registrations in the ticket system
    • 465 blog followers

    Surely, there are much more successful corporate blogs, take the same CallBackHunter, but the current results can attract customers and subscribers. Now I want to share with you some of my thoughts on blogging.

    1. A blog is needed for any business

    I'm not joking for anyone! Make repairs or you have your own car service - start a Youtube channel and post videos about your work, useful tips, customer reviews. You have your own legal advice - publish useful content and expert notes. And if you God forbid an IT startup, then a blog can become your main source of customers for you, as in our case.

    Here are some examples of interesting Russian blogs where guys talk about their business:

    If you know other interesting blogs - write in the comments and I will add to the note.

    2. Need an original idea and useful content

    Just posting translated articles or non-unique content is useless. They will not read it, they will not distribute it, your posts will not wait. So in our blog I try to share our experience, openly talk about income / expenses, tell tricks that I use myself.

    Below you see a screenshot from Mailchimp, which shows the statistics of our newsletters for blog subscribers. OpenRate about 47% and ClickRate about 25% say that you like our blog and I write for good reason =)

    By and large, I see 3 main concepts of the blog:
    • Naked business ” - here we tell everything about our business, successes and failures, publish numbers, etc. In fact, our blog is just that.
    • “A storehouse of information ” - in such a blog we post megalous content on a specific topic. An example of such a blog is a lot of useful information about marketing, Internet marketing, landing pages, etc.
    • A “ superhero ” is essentially a personal blog, based on the identity of one specific person. This character should be really interesting, unusual, charismatic.

    3. We spend 20% of the time on creating content, 80% on distribution

    I will say one thing, without promotion, even super interesting content will remain a dead weight in your blog. No one will ever know about him. I have read many foreign articles on how to promote my blog and content. So - many things practically do not work for us. Let's start in order:
    • It is not customary for us to make guest blog posts. Now I do not mean blogs of webmasters, but some blogs of companies or thematic / industry blogs. Let your content be unique and interesting three times - either not be published at all, or for money. There are exceptions, but they can be counted on the fingers. In an English-speaking environment, probably up to 50% of blog posts can be guest with an explicit indication of the author and live links to the project.
    • We have not decided to put active links to other blogs and resources. They may mention it in passing, but nothing more.
    • In the English-language segment, if you have good content, you can find bloggers with the audience you need and ask them to publish a link to your material on their Twitter or Facebook. This does not work for us! Well, maybe only by great friendship, and then not always.

    4. How do we promote our posts?

    How do we promote our content? Through trial and error, we found for ourselves several working sources. Below is a screenshot from the metric where the main sources of traffic to the site (not just a blog) are visible:

    As you can see, we get quite a few direct visits, this shows the general awareness of Timdesk that we got through the blog and publications on third-party sites.

    Next up are social networks. Here it is necessary to tell in more detail. The fact is that without specific seeding, articles do not diverge by themselves so well. Therefore, in addition to simply posting links to material in our profile, we try to place links in thematic communities. I note that we were never posted for a fee and did not promote our posts. Facebook works best now, but I think with the right approach and from Vkontakte you can get a lot of transitions.

    We also place our posts on 2 thematic sites that are ideally suited to our themes. This, as you probably already guessed, is Megamind and Spark. Let us dwell on them a little more.

    Megamind- this is a detached part of Habr, I do not fully understand the audience of the project, but there is more traffic compared to Spark. Our articles here gain an average of 2,000 to 5,000 views, which is pretty good. Below is a comparison of traffic sites.

    Spark is a place where startups for startups publish content (a lot of translated) and their news. It feels like the audience is smaller, and our articles sometimes gain only 150 views. Which is extremely small. Although there were articles that gained 3000-4000 views. It’s also not completely clear how articles get into the “Popular” and email newsletters with the best articles.

    Well, it’s much easier to wind up / merge articles on Spark, since this only requires registration, while on Megamind registration is by invitation only and not everyone can vote.

    BUT! Oddly enough at the moment, both resources have brought the same number of registrations . For ourselves, we decided that we would be present at both.

    5. How do I write articles?

    Once upon a time, a teacher in Russian language and literature with difficulty painted me 4ku. But over the past 5 years, I have probably written hundreds of notes, posts, etc. And if the first articles on Habré were given to me with great difficulty (I could spend a week on one post and rewrite it several times), now everything is much simpler.

    I usually write material on the weekend or in the evening before going to bed. Immediately never publish it. Then, in a couple of days, I return to him, make small adjustments, delete something, or vice versa supplement it. So on average for 2 calls and from 4 to 10 hours of total time, a post is obtained.

    There are usually much more topics for posts than opportunities to write them all. Sometimes readers in comments or in private messages ask to tell something. Sometimes I read something interesting from others and share my experience on this topic, sometimes interesting events happen and talk about them on the blog. I always write down all ideas and review them before the next note.

    So, for example, the project began to receive first payments from customers - an excellent reason to tell you more about this significant event for any startup (this will be the next note, subscribe to the blog so as not to miss).

    Instead of a conclusion

    What else to say about the blog? Personally, he allows me to meet a lot of new and interesting people. Receive thanks for articles (motivates to write further) and questions on the development of their projects. Therefore, if your project does not yet have a blog (on the site, on Youtube or here), be sure to think about such an opportunity. Good luck, friends!

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