Gazprom-Media Digital now uses an advertising management system from

    The company Gazprom-Media Digital (GPMD), which sells advertising, from July 1 switched to using an advertising management system from Previously, GPMD worked with the corresponding platform from Yandex. The technology program RB Videomatic, to which GPMD has switched, collects and processes data from the social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, and also targets social and demographic data and the interests of users, Vedomosti reports . Previously, the company’s partner was Yandex and its AdFox platform, which cost the domestic search service $ 11.3 million.

    RB Videomatic maintains VAST 2.0 and VPAID video ad standards certified by the European Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). These standards describe working with video content in detail. And the possibility of demographic targeting of ads allows you to show exactly the content that is best suited for a particular region.

    Note that the key difference between RB Videomatic and similar platforms is the ability to purchase video ads based on socio-demographic segments and user interests. Thus, advertising is shown in the region and the category of users that are suitable for the current advertiser. At the same time, user data from social networks aggregated by the platform is one of the most accurate tools for fine-tuning advertising displays. “Russian social networks are a unique source of information about Runet users. The technologies of the RB Videomatic platform provided us with access to this data, and we can significantly increase the accuracy of getting the advertising campaigns placed on the GPMD network into the target audience set by advertisers, ”commented Natalya Dmitrieva, Gazprom-MediaDigital CEO.

    “RB Videomatic is ready to become an industry standard, providing through its data to any video platform the possibility of targeted sales. In the near future, we are also launching sales of very popular mobile video ads through our SDK (a software package that allows you to embed advertising messages in applications for mobile devices), ”said Dmitry Sergeyev, Deputy Director General of Group.

    According to the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, last year the video advertising market grew by 35-40%, to 4.6 billion rubles.

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