Generation Millennium loves the video. And you should love him too


    In the infographic created by Animoto , users from generation Y are considered (they are also the Millennium generation - we previously examined moms of this generation here ) with respect to their susceptibility to video advertising formats.

    According to Gen BuY , author of Kit Yarrow, Generation Y will spend more than $ 200 billion in 2017, and over a lifetime their total spending will be about $ 10 trillion. These people are a source of costs and expenses, and considering them as a target audience is extremely important for brands and businesses. Successfully building a marketing strategy around this audience will help with video content and advertising.

    Some interesting facts about the Millennium generation:

    • 80% of users from generation Y view video content in the process of searching for product / service information to make a purchasing decision
    • 7 out of 10 Millennium generation users will prefer to watch company videos during online shopping
    • 76% subscribed to brand channels on Youtube
    • 60% prefer to watch videos from companies and brands rather than reading the newsletter from them.

    In the infographic below you will find out even more interesting facts. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform


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