15 phrases that successful people never pronounce

    If you want to become more successful as an entrepreneur or careerist, there is nothing wrong with adopting the habits, patterns of behavior and thinking inherent in famous and successful people.

    We present you 15 phrases that successful people never pronounce.

    1. “We cannot do this”

    It is the ability to solve any problems of clients and understand their priorities that makes people and companies successful. If a customer’s need arises especially often, successful people try to study this need in order to understand how to satisfy it in the shortest possible time.

    2. "I do not know how"

    Instead of immediately abandoning the search for solutions, successful people try to figure out everything that can be done. Moreover, this applies both to work (for example, to do everything possible to successfully complete the project), and to personal life (for example, you will not see a good international business consultant who visits Italy several times a year, and at the same time does not start studying Italian language).

    3. "I do not know what it is"

    If you ignore any problem or tell the client that you do not know what to do with it, then, believe me, the client will find someone who will try to solve this problem. Be honest with the client: keep him up to date and notify you of any problems that arise and, most importantly, always end your sentence with the words: “but I’ll find out now”. This will give the client confidence, and you will still have time to help solve the problem (see paragraph 2).

    4. “I achieved everything myself”

    Successful people know that it is simply necessary to surround themselves with people who are smart, sane and as focused as they are.

    5. ”It's too early”

    You would never hear Benjamin Franklin or someone like Steve Jobs say, “it's too early for me.” Be it a corporate meeting, launching a project or discussing some new opportunity at the very beginning of the day, successful people will do everything to get there. Being in the right place at the right time is an integral part of success, no matter you are an early bird or an owl.

    6. “It's too late”

    At the same time, if a potential business partner offers you a business meeting at 9 pm, and you have the opportunity to attend, go. You may feel tired the next day, but the connections you made yesterday during a short meeting can make a big difference in your business and / or career.

    7. “Unfortunately, we will not be able to work together”

    Sometimes there are people with whom it can be difficult to find a common language, however, if these people can be really useful to you (or your company), you need to find an approach to them. Otherwise, someone else will do this and leave you out of work.

    8. “Let's get back to this later”

    Many times this phrase was said in vain, without any real continuation. Successful people know that if they really want to continue the work they started with someone later, they will do it. Moreover, if you pronounce this phrase and do not take any further actions, you can earn a not very good reputation and postpone your success.

    9. “Sorry, but I'm too busy.”

    If there is a good opportunity on the path of successful people, they go towards it, no matter what. Of course, sometimes you need to find more time, but if you want to use the opportunity, you will have to pay this price. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: “Time is a created thing. Saying, “I don’t have time,” is the same as saying, “I don’t want to.”

    10. “That was my idea only”

    Again, as stated in paragraph 4, the most successful people tend to share fame after completing outstanding projects. No idea can belong to one single person - it is the result of interaction and exchange of ideas between a whole team of specialists. Promotion is an integral part of a healthy corporate (and not only) culture.

    11. “I never read books”

    Studies show that rich people read (and listen) much more books than poor: “63% of rich parents make their children read at least two popular science books a month, while only 3% of poor parents do it . ”Also,“ 63 percent of the rich listen to audio books on the way to work, versus 5 percent of the poor. ” Reading non-fiction literature (as well as fiction) helps to get rid of stress, develop creative abilities and improve memory.

    12. “I'm not good enough”

    An important part of success is high self-esteem. Be yourself, this will ensure you success in business and personal life. Follow your true interests. What would you do in life if you didn’t need money?

    13. “Okay” (again and again)

    Successful people know when it is necessary to stop accepting an apology from others and leave. If there is any obstacle, and something (or someone) prevents you from completing your project on time, focusing on your affairs or closer to your goals, then it is time to set boundaries and stop participating in it. Your time is the most valuable resource.

    14. ”If this is not our competitors, then we also do not need it”

    Copying competitors is one of the most common reasons for the collapse of a company. True innovations come from outside: you need to find out what competitors don't have and fill this niche yourself in order to be the first to satisfy market demand.

    15. ”Holidays for the wimps”

    It is foolish to assume that all successful people work on a 24/7 schedule. Very often, new ideas come not during the working day, when you are sitting at your desk, but during the weekend, when you are out with friends, or during your vacation. Successful people have long understood this and are trying not to neglect the holidays and weekends.

    Refused to use these phrases and decided to change your life? We support. And here is what you should do.

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