Yuri Milner invested $ 25 million in a social network for "noble hackers"

    Yuri Milner, together with partners, has invested about $ 25 million in the platform for the "good hackers" HackerOne . Users of this social network use their own knowledge and experience to detect vulnerabilities on the websites of various companies, reports Roem. As a reward, hackers receive cash payments of various sizes for each problem found.

    In addition to Milner, the platform was invested by NEA, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff and some other investors. The total investment amounted to about $ 34 million.

    As for the platform, with its help more than 10 thousand vulnerabilities were discovered and closed. And the amount of payments to information security specialists (such a term is quite applicable here) amounted to about $ 3 million. This was reported by Alex Rice, a company service station.

    Currently, HackerOne customers include Twitter, Slack, Adobe, Yahoo, and Airbnb. Also, the company uses the services of VKontakte, Mail.ru and Qiwi.

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