Google has launched a free version of Play Music

    In the United States on Tuesday, the free version of the Google Play Music service was launched. The free service plans to make money on advertising, writes the Financial Times. In this case, the functionality of the service will be limited. Users will only be able to listen to songs from thematic playlists. If you want to choose a separate melody, download a song or remove ads, you will need to issue a monthly subscription for $ 10.

    The novelty can be compared with an online radio station. Melodies will be collected in playlists when using the Songza toolkit, automatically. Google bought this company last year, paying about $ 40 million.

    The monetization strategy used in the free version of Google Music is not completely new. However, original tricks are also used here.

    It is also worth noting that the total volume of the multimedia streaming market in 2014 reached $ 3.3 billion. According to forecasts, the volume of this market will increase to $ 8 billion by 2019. It is interesting that more and more new participants appear in this niche - for example, in a few days, Apple’s own online service will start working.

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