Mobile video ads engage users 5 times more than standard banners

    On average, the level of involvement with mobile video advertising is 5 times greater than that of standard advertising banners.

    Some peak indicators in the field of Technologies and Services for business reach the level of engagement in video 822% higher than that of banners. Next come Retail (628%), Telecommunications (617%) and Finance (602%).


    Engaging in video ads by industry

    Only 10% of car ads use video format, compared with 27% for entertainment ads. Among the major goals of 2014 for advertisers were increasing brand awareness (37%) and tracking engagement (22%). The goal of increasing traffic on the site fell slightly in priority from 30% to 24%. Retail, aimed at increasing store traffic (from 10% in 2013 to 16% in 2014), follows, including in addition to video advertising, more and more various promotions in their campaigns.

    Mobile Marketers Goals

    Users aged 25-44 are more responsible for the growth of mobile video, and users between the ages of 18 and 24 are most involved in this format (the percentage of involvement is 57%).

    Age distribution of viewers of mobile video ads

    The report concludes that advertisers are further interested in targeting strategies - 53% of all retail campaigns include actions related to the location of users.

    However, weather is another factor that can increase advertising engagement. The platform measures traffic spikes in mobile applications during large winter storms on the US East Coast. It was found that a cold winter month like February generates 46% more traffic than a slightly less cold January. The company recalls that snow and rain provide great opportunities for marketers to target their desired audience. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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