Pepper Robots Available for Sale

    Pepper Robot is one of the first humanoid robots with emotions in the world. A personal robot, which can be both a servant and a seller, went on free sale: the first thousand copies were sold out in one minute. The cost of each robot was 1.8 thousand dollars.


    The Pepper robot is being developed by a special division of the Japanese telecommunications corporation SoftBank, together with the French company Aldebaran Robotics, creator of Nao and Romeo. Produces Foxconn robots .

    This cute creature is able to read emotions and reacts to them in a conversation with a person. The head of the corporation describes the Pepper robot as "the world's first personal robot with emotions." Pepper studies actions, adapts to human behavior, and the experience of interaction sends to the cloud artificial intelligence system for the most effective learning. In addition to the cost of the robot itself, the buyer will have to pay a monthly subscription to keep Pepper “in shape”.

    Human interaction capabilities help the robot sell. This video shows how Pepper acts as a seller of coffee machines in a store for Nestle in Japan. The robot can compete with movie stars as the "face of the company."

    Dance of Pepper robots and human.

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