Bloody Gambling (affiliate programs)


Without names, names and links. A little bit about the one industry that exists. According to rumors - illegally. In fact, quite legal organizations are involved in this matter (how else?).

  • Who am I
  • How it all started for me
  • About affiliate programs
  • Arbitration and work with partners
  • Separately about email marketing
  • A few words about shaving
  • Scam?
  • For employers and everyone who has left

Who am I

Manager, engaged in advertising. It so happened that the last year I have been working in one organization with access to the "kitchen", and in two more, I look through the keyhole. Naturally, it is very difficult to maintain such a pace, I am gradually completing activities in two projects and will focus on one organization as a result.

How it all started for me

2011, I'm in search of work. Behind experience in various fields where labor was physical. There was no need to work with the head, it even harmed the fulfillment of basic duties.

He came for an interview for the lowest position with the corresponding salary. My knowledge and experience of past work here was useless. It took a person to work at a computer with at least minimal office knowledge and at least some experience using the Internet. At that time, my skills allowed me to reinstall the OS using the manuals found on the network. Rich experience of sitting in the social. networks, hundreds of gigabytes of downloaded porn and reading Wikipedia to understand new words - this is the whole set, at least somehow related to the list of requirements. In a word - I did not even have minimal knowledge.

Passed by. The basic knowledge of mathematics and my requirements for the salary helped (who knew that there is a difference between wages in the IT field and wages in that other world).

It's time to learn. A small briefing, the task is set - the task is done. Key assistants: google search and attentiveness to what is happening around. After 2-3 months, a combat unit called "sales manager" is ready. All that’s next, a set of experience.

Due to the prevalence of the necessary to fulfill, over the possible to fulfill - it was always boring, I learned a lot of interesting things.

Three years later, the need and opportunity to earn money led to a similar office for remote work, then another one. This made it possible to realize interesting ideas where they were interested. That's how we live.

About affiliate programs

I suppose that not everyone understands that this is about casino affiliate programs, perhaps not everyone knows what it is.

An affiliate program is one of the ways of interaction between the provider of a product or service and a partner who receives a reward for advertising it.

Casino affiliate program - here a casino is a product for which the affiliate usually receives a certain percentage of the loss of the customer brought by him.

* Further in the text, using the word affiliate program, the affiliate program working with the casino will be implied.

For example, you make jeans, they lie, no one buys them for a reason: no one knows that you have them. You hire a person who will advertise them. Advertising went, sales began. And here comes the idea, what if we organize the work for any number of advertisers, so that they work for a certain reward from the sale. More sold - more received. It didn’t turn out to be sold - what can you do, another time it will turn out, nobody forced you. So an affiliate program is created where everyone can come and try to sell your jeans.

... there is a competitor with other green jeans. They are bought better. Another PP appears, where everything is organized, just come and advertise, etc.

There are various options to increase your income. Improve the quality of the product, improve advertising materials without improving the product, attract more advertisers with gifts, reduce the share of advertisers and whatever your heart desires. Everyone chooses his own business plan, each has his own goals and his own methods for achieving them.

Most affiliate programs, sooner or later, try to do their best in attracting players - this is its growth. Since this gives a predicted traffic flow. Partners are not constant, there are enough competitors, many factors are not under control. Arbitration, email marketing, SMM, SEO, any direction of advertising can form a department. Cheaper and more stability in keeping professionals on hand. The main disadvantage is that they may not be such specialists.

By and large, they hire customers. Not certainly in that way. All the same advertisers are hired, only they don’t know that you can work through the affiliate yourself. Either they know, but they are better off working on an ongoing basis for a stable RFP.

This approach is half of the CIS affiliate programs. The rest divide the second half into those who work on their own, and those who practice a foreign approach.

Market realities make adjustments to any business plan. Affiliate managers are engaged in drawing promos if there are not enough designers, designers are engaged in typesetting, if there are not enough layout designers, layout designers are talking to a client ... Someone will be surprised and say, “I didn’t know that this was a job for three positions, I always did it alone” . Someone will say, “why did you write this, now we have a manager, designer and layout designer asking for an increase in salaries.” All cases are individual. Now I don’t know what I wanted to say and what I’m leading to, a new look at some things has appeared. I see fewer and fewer differences with any other business - money is the engine of progress ...

Everyone is far from the chosen path of creating software. They stray along the road, then they scam all partners, then they deceive them - it is impossible to keep the mark.

Affiliate Competition

This is the main impetus for development and an inexhaustible source of ideas. Do not remember the day when and who first began to borrow everything that was ready.

Urgently need a banner! - Here, hold on, the logo is not ours yet, we’ll fix it now.
Here is the new landing page. - Have you ever changed your links?

More interesting things, too, like to present. DDOS attacks, remove the database, abuse everything. The more interesting the gift, the more reasons for personal meetings and clarification of further actions. After all, almost everyone in the neighborhood lives, they know each other. Such things are a kind of invitation to a family dinner.


Why is it legal? In some CIS countries, online casinos are prohibited by law.
How can an illegal business exist? Of course not. If it exists, it means legal and in no other way. Everything that is outlawed is eradicated.

The ways to achieve legality are different, but they all work to one degree or another. I hope everyone remembers what country they live in.
If a failure occurs in the approach of legalizing a business, certain structures come and begin to find out legally or illegally.
- Now it’s legal, keep working, have a nice day (I’m exaggerating, but the meaning is clear).

Arbitration and work with partners

In which I work, these are all domestic affiliate programs. Everyone has the same skeleton in their inner work. What managers do - everything, to a greater extent that does not apply to PP. Therefore, they know and know a lot of things, but this knowledge is mostly superficial. At best, with a larger staff, they may focus some in one direction. Even so, it will be anything - but not working with partners.

For comparison with foreign software companies (working with the CIS). The manager is focused on working with clients. He is the link between the affiliate and the client. His earnings depend entirely on the success of the client, he is interested in the fact that the client can work efficiently. Surprisingly, such a scheme works better. The point is not only in this difference, but in combination with other factors gives a good result.

But we have what we have. The manager is mainly involved in arbitration. In this situation, it’s much easier to convert traffic to plus. The layer is erased - PP, which would take half of the income if you would be a partner. Major market players offer 40-60% of revenue. Therefore, not many arbitrageurs are able to work with gambling topics through affiliate programs.

Have you ever encountered the question “name the source of traffic” when working with PP? Only in domestic affiliate programs can the answer not play you good. If managers can repeat / copy your way of attracting a player, they will do it and will compete with you. Remember the advantage of ~ 50%?

This will not happen:
- if they already work in this segment
- if they cannot do what you
- if it brings insignificant income
- if they don’t engage in similar plagiarism

In foreign affiliate programs this question is asked in order to prepare a promo for your needs, to help attract players better.

Don’t worry, managers still have enough work without it.
Not all the terrible things described are used by all affiliate programs, but they have a place. In this case, this is more a temporary phenomenon than a rule.

If you saw new pitfalls in working with affiliate programs, do not worry, nothing has changed from whether you know it or not. No one will tell you what exactly is happening. Everyone worked in these conditions and continue to work. Not all things happen in one PP, and those that happen are not necessarily permanent.

Separately about email marketing

Given the fact that email is the information that absolutely all casinos collect. This is the first information that a casino receives about a player. Despite this, everyone has email marketing in the ass in a deplorable state - this is at best. Some have no mailing at all.

I have not met an affiliate program that has no problems in this area. But many are quietly trying to spam, and if suddenly the competitors' databases were hacked, they didn’t, so, bought it - a holiday!

Mailing and Email Services

Separately, I note that it remains to wish for the best in the fight against spam, both the first and second.
The same goes for normal mailing list delivery. The algorithms are so perfect that their intersection in the definition of spam or not, has long erased the boundaries.
The most adequate, more often than others, mail service in this regard is Gmeil.

A few words about shaving

Surely you heard about the lake with the monster “shaving” that lives in it, which no one has seen.

Despite the fact that the Internet has so many different areas working with money. Which, in one way or another, commit fraud with your money, the word “shaving” has so much entrenched in affiliate programs that it is an integral part of them. That's all.

I would rather write a “testimony of a canary” than continue to develop this topic.

In most cases, statistics are generated on the affiliate side. Sometimes on a third-party service.
Of course, no one ever distorts or hides data. Especially when you consider the specifics of this area.

Raise the curtain

In the following lines one affiliate program will be clearly visible, but I can’t describe it.

Everyone saw the advertisement when a new product, a new version, and the like came out. It is said: “twice as much”, “ten times tastier” and in the same spirit. I always perceived it as the anti-advertising of the previous product. It can be assumed that he was "two times smaller", "ten times more disgusting" from the statements in the new advertisement.

What am I leading to? Sometimes affiliate programs make statements when changes occur, they make improvements, maybe they describe their differences over others. Some of these statements are very interesting.

One of the affiliate programs officially announced that she would pick up old players. For those who understand, it doesn’t matter what words will come next. They, in turn, offered a larger percentage and other "privileges." Naturally, this contributed to the outflow, insignificant, of webmasters to other affiliate programs. Even some major customers fell off this hook. By the way, only with such, is it already a good plus in their pocket.

But the affiliate program knew what they were doing. According to calculations, they will receive more income in a shorter period of time. When the earnings will not be satisfied again, solutions will be needed to change the situation, I am sure they will throw out a piece no worse (they have experience).

For a long time I did not understand why they did this, it’s insanity. How can I pick up players in a casino affiliate program? This is the basis of the basics in gambling, the main difference with other software.

Such a scheme cannot please partners, but it is not for their sake that everything is done.

And yet, what am I all leading to. If affiliates make statements, even if using this example, this does not mean that they have not taken the players before or will stop doing it. And this does not mean that similar things do not happen in other affiliate programs, just not so openly. What should be gleaned from this. No need to summarize all affiliate programs, but also do not lose sight of important things.


There is a type of advertising, for receiving money not from players, through methods of earning in a casino (martingale, programs, etc.). So, this is just an advertisement for receiving money not from players.

When he himself fell for something like that, then this experience cost me $ 40. Despite the fact that once he leaked 20, after another time he filled 20 and also leaked. But that did not stop me. There were no more 20 dollars.

For employers and all who left

For the first, in spite of the competition factor, no data was transferred or used in the work.
For the second, all information is fictitious and has nothing to do with reality.


This is one of the leaders in gambling in the CIS market. Since these methods work, it means that it is impossible to work in a different way in our realities in order to achieve leading positions, especially to maintain them.

PS The name "bloody" used for the best CTR.

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