5 nightmares of a freelance copywriter

    And the copywriter has a nightmare ... He dreams that the Great and Terrible Customer returned for revision all the texts tortured over the last year, and the keywords mixed up and scattered across the screen like butterflies in a spring meadow. And what now to do to the poor copywriter, how not to wake up in a cold sweat with his cheek pressed to the keyboard and incomplete text in the asset.
    However, the working days of a copywriter are often not much better than such nightmares. Here are just five of the most common stalemate situations, any of which is familiar to the author with experience.


    Nightmare number 1. Inadequate Customers

    Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to recognize a future problem customer, so to speak, “ashore”. The insight comes after the next return of the text for revision. Usually the refusal to accept the article in the first and second reading is justified by a postscript, very reminiscent of the anecdotal phrase: "I do not know how, but not so." At the same time, the reason for the second revision may differ significantly from the content of the commentary to the first.


    If the customer does not quite understand what text he wants to receive on the output, there are only two solutions:
    - Doom yourself to hard labor with constant text returns to alteration and polishing. Moreover, the requirements can change literally "on the go." The rhetorical: “Yes, and I forgot to add that ...”, is capable of driving more than one copywriter into depression. In addition, the customer can pull up to the last check, but at any time of the day or night, require the earliest possible introduction of corrections to the text.
    - Run away from such a customer. And the sooner and further, the better. Because for the time that was spent on alterations, attempts to understand the essence of claims and bickering, it would be quite possible to have time to create and hand over a couple of excellent texts, or even more.

    The nightmare of the second. Unclear Terms of Reference

    This situation is very accurately described by the proverb: “Unclear TK is the result of HZ”, where the last abbreviation is a word play that is untranslatable from a freelance copywriter. No, of course, there are also customers who clearly know what criteria the future text should, and which are not required to meet. They clearly understand how to build the structure of the article, and can also correctly calculate the number of kilosigns needed to expand on the topic. Such customers aim for all the gold and carefully transfer from one copywriter to another. Just kidding, in fact, such customers are not given even to best friends and under pain of deadline. There is a legend that such super-customers were once the authors themselves.

    Nightmare the third, but not the last. Greedy customer


    Such customers are usually traded for every penny. They know how to make TK so cleverly that a copywriter has to write a text on a much larger number of characters than agreed in order to fully cover the topic. If the essence of the article, however, does not seem to be revealed to the greedy customer, he may, with a clear conscience, refuse to pay at all. It’s good if such a customer has enough decency not to use the text rejected by him. The above-described characters are corny do not appreciate someone else's work, because they do not know how to work intensively themselves. In addition, they are not averse to taking advantage of any situation to get the text for free.

    The nightmare under number 4. Writing false reviews and dubious medical advice
    The worst nightmare, right?


    It is so dishonorable and, moreover, inhumane to give unverified or frankly harmful (not at all according to Oster) medical advice that explaining the moral side of the issue is absolutely pointless.
    Have you ever met such orders where you need to write an enthusiastic review about a product, regarding the quality of which vague doubts torment not only you, but also the customer himself. Although no, just the customer is not tormented by anything, on the contrary, such texts feed him very well. By the way, many copywriters who take on the most difficult and low-paying texts categorically do not want to write fake reviews with false figures. Even if they are promised a very specific amount for it.

    Nightmare fifth. Uninteresting topics


    A copywriter who has to sprinkle a myriad of texts daily about tractor models, air conditioning and wall cladding burns out pretty quickly. In this case, the author continues to scribble thousands of characters of hated texts on the machine, not feeling any moral satisfaction from the work that was once his favorite and was considered creative. As a result, many authors encounter a problem called the “writer's barrier” and stop writing at all, or at least for a long time.

    It would seem that such nightmares are impossible to defeat. After all, the problem lies not in the specific author, but in the relationship within the tandem of the customer-copywriter. And the struggle between these two opposites is doomed to be eternal.
    But the decision is so elementary. You just need to look at the situation from the right angle and break the stereotype in your own head. For whom is the text written? For the customer? Not at all!

    Articles are not addressed to intermediary customers, or even to website owners - they are intended for readers. Therefore, writing should be for them. Stop! But then who will pay for the articles? Readers will be. Only articles in this case should be written completely different ...

    It is to solve the problems of freelance copywriters that Grrow.me service exists. Here, authors create content and receive remuneration directly from readers. Readers earn money with the authors by distributing their materials.

    This is not a typical situation, because there is a lot of free content, and authors (copywriters, bloggers) are used to writing to order or to receive advertising revenue.

    However, the Grrow model works.


    What does the service offer?

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