SmartProgress Launches Mentoring Platform

    What to do when you do not know how to approach the solution of an important task, and among friends and acquaintances there is no one who could help you with it? Write a post on the Internet.

    No really. The SmartProgress Goal Achievement Service does just that: you articulate your goal and share your experience throughout, communicating with like-minded people along the way. But not all goals are achievable alone: ​​that is why we launched a new functional - group goal achievement programs led by a mentor .

    Goals can now be made teamwork

    The Evolution platform (code name) can be safely called an analogue of the App Store for mentoring, only this service is designed to host programs for group training. Just like in the App Store, users of Evolution will be able to view reviews from other people who previously bought a mentoring program as part of their own goals, to evaluate their effectiveness through a rating system. All this information is available in the profile of trainers and their courses. The duration of the course is also indicated here.

    SmartProgress users can enroll in a course, pay money and follow the trainer's tasks. The platform is the arbiter of the quality of the course. This means that if a client receives poor-quality services (his coach does not fulfill the task that was set at the beginning of the course), then such a client will receive his money back in full. SmartProgress users immediately received two new incentives to help them achieve their goals. This, in fact, is a coach-mentor and colleagues in the group.

    “Evolution” for clients or How training and achievement of goals

    The main thing that a SmartProgress client should do for itself is to formulate goals for itself and fix them on the website. Achieving the goal is a task that confronts the system user. However, in the group program, a person can get help in this from the coach and fellow students. Collective work to achieve goals under the guidance of a coach will allow you to stay on track, find the best path, and not "wander between the three pines."

    Why do I need a coach?

    I believe that every project, and, in general, every person needs a mentor - a more experienced person who has already gone some way that you just embark on.
    - Igor Bogachev, Executive Director of the Information Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

    Mentoring is one of the most important ways of teaching something invented by man. Pushkin had Derzhavin, Alexander the Great had Aristotle, and Plato had Socrates.

    Within the framework of the mentoring program, the coach will conduct webinars, give out homework and monitor their progress and activity of the service user as a whole with the help of the monitoring functionality available to him. Thanks to this, the trainer will see the activity of each user and how he works on his goals. Control by such a mentor is a very useful thing for many people who need external control.

    The publication of a goal achievement diary accessible to the user and his trainer not only disciplines, but also helps to better understand their goals and the path to achieving them. At the same time, if the user stops publishing reports and completing homework, this means that he is no longer ready to work towards the realization of his dream - he is eliminated from further work


    The new SmartProgress features include user communication in groups, discussion of the problems of participants in group programs and their achievement of goals. Thus, in addition to the mentor-student relationship, the student-student relationship is formed in groups. This allows you to communicate with the same people motivated for success, to help them and, in turn, to recharge their positive attitude, motivation, faith in success. And the ability of users to see the progress of other participants in the goal achievement program will be motivating, communication with them will inspire for further achievements.

    For coaches and mentors, the new SmartProgress features are the ability to take your business to the next level, get new customers, and expand the geography of your students. If you want to become a mentor - leave a request .

    The novelty will improve the achievement of results by SmartProgress customers. Work under the guidance of a mentor will help to avoid mistakes, help you quickly choose the right path for yourself and get important advice, help, advice or even a “kick” in the right direction at the right time.

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