The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to prohibit the choice of foreign software for public procurement, if there is its domestic counterpart

    The Ministry of Economic Development did not approve Leonid Levin's bill on restrictions on government purchases of foreign software. The ministry is preparing its more “tough” version of the bill. In his opinion, it is necessary to prohibit the purchase of foreign software when there is a domestic counterpart. The position of the department is to minimize the possibility of choosing a foreign product for public procurement. May 22 will be the first reading of the bill.
    However, representatives of the ministry agree with the idea of dividing domestic software into categories.

    Director of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund ( IIDF)) Kirill Varlamov believes that the existing bill gives "government agencies the opportunity to maneuver." This can lead to abuse of foreign software when choosing between domestic and foreign products.

    One of the authors of the bill, Leonid Levin, in an interview with Izvestia, noted that you must first check the “soft” version of the bill and not cut it off your shoulder.

    The chairman of the board of ANO Internet Development Institute ( IRI ) German Klimenko suggests that the bill be adopted as soon as possible: “There may be a lot of comments on it, but it’s better than not doing anything, Klimenko explained.” He also noted that Microsoft , for example, receives over a billion dollars a year from Russian government purchases.

    Alexei Lukatsky, deputy head of the information technology department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service ( FAS ), considered it necessary to finalize the procedure for removing software from the registry.

    In April, Megamind wrote that State Duma deputy Ilya Kostunov called it illegal for Russian IT companies with foreign founders to participate in import substitution. “The accountability of foreign founders outweighs the positive experience of previous cooperation,” he explained. The Ministry of Communications then did not agree with his position.

    The bill on the import substitution of foreign software states that when purchasing software, the state customer must establish "a restriction on the purchase of software and information products of computer equipment, information about which is entered in the domestic software registry, or justify the impossibility or inappropriateness of such a restriction in the procurement documentation."

    In addition, according to the bill, domestic software can be recognized if it is controlled by an alien by less than 50%. It should be freely sold, and information about it should not be a state secret.

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