Reflections on his work. Part One: Becoming

Good day, dear community.

Being a reader of Habrahabr & Co., I caught myself thinking - I want to write something, and also join the community. The constant lack of time, and sometimes even a simple fear of rejection by the community, prevented this very much ... Oops, something really brought me to share my problems right away, and they don’t go on a visit, I need to at least get to know each other!

My name is Sergey, and I'm an alcoholic , pah, a system administrator. No, not like that. I am a developer! Hmmm. Also not that . How to start this post?

PS .: To be honest, while writing the main text, thoughts were swarming in my head, and I wanted to put everything in one post. But then, after a little thought, I decided to submit a slightly sadly positive article to the readers. You decide. And forgive me if something is wrong, I am writing for the first time.

“Brevity is the sister of talent,” or Very briefly about yourself

And we will start it simply, with a simple acquaintance. As said above, my name is Sergey, I am a system administrator and an “electronic engineer” in a small state organization. The town is small, so there’s nowhere to accelerate much in terms of work (and I don’t really want to). 26 years old, sociable, polite, single. I really like reading books, the main genre is science and technology, programming, various kinds of historical journalism. For all the time I changed 2 works (more about that a little lower). From a hobby, one can single out hunting and fishing, traveling around the country.


As I said above - I work as a system administrator and an electronics engineer. Since the work is closely related to the provision of services to the population, the basic composition of the equipment is quite extensive - these are fiscal registrars, and readers of bank plastic cards, and various kinds of barcode scanners - in general, you can’t count all the equipment. All this needs to be maintained and constantly monitored for performance and planned maintenance. There is also a network from the computer park, although small, but uniting the entire area. All of this also needs to be monitored and monitored, plus network maintenance and data exchange control with a central database. This all takes up a lot of time and effort.

Referring to the introductory part, I made a reservation that I had already changed 2 works. Yes, it's harsh, but true. Looking back, and comparing previous jobs with the current one, I understand that these were only part-time jobs and random enikeys in the network of commercial firms, although I worked them out “from bell to bell”. Low wages, a constant indication of what and how to do, careless attitude towards company employees, constant “left” work that is not related to the main activity - all these and many other factors left their mark on the decision to change something in your life, to establish yourself in work plan and improve your work skills.

Since there was no sense in staying with a team where everyone for himself and literally was ready to tear his colleague to climb up the career ladder himself, the decision was unequivocal - to quit and find the job you are dreaming of. At that time, I was not good at either administration or electronics. Therefore, the search for work began to be delayed. Realizing that the best years of my life were passing by, but I still had not established myself in work, I had to sit down at my desk - begin to comprehend the basics intensively, and then deepen my knowledge in the field of administration. Everything was overshadowed by the fact that, in fact, higher education was everywhere required, and without it it would be simply impossible to get a job ...

A few words about my attitude to higher education ...
I want to make a reservation right away - this is purely my opinion, and I do not impose it on anyone else. And the most earnest request to forgive me, if my opinion touched anyone lively and offended. As they say, this was not part of my plans, and if you are not interested in what is written on the line below, then I ask you to skip this text ...

What can I say about higher education. Among my friends there are a lot of people who have already graduated from universities and got a job. However, most acquaintances work ... not in their specialty. But why? Let's try to figure it out. During the initial training (1-2 years) and communication with friends, I noticed positive statements about the direction in which they study. For example, the scope of the IT industry. Friends tell us what problems they solve there, analyze situations, what knowledge they got there, and, inevitably, you start to be proud of your colleagues, how smart they will be and how high they will go in their field, how lucky and lucky that boss and company are in which they will work.

And you start to regret - “Well, why am I so stupid, why I can’t go to the tower and learn how to be a cool specialist in my field, so that everyone would be proud and don’t point out that, well, they say, I’ve unlearned at school and entered a certain secondary vocational education institution, worked there for 4.5 years and came out as an unnecessary specialist, and even proud of it ... But his friend entered the university, unlearned, and became a specialist, who is called for all the work and offers a salary of 6-7 figures not ours currency ... ”And, worst of all, such thoughts are constantly pursued - at the moments of meeting with friends, in m cops to communicate with them by Skype / phone, and just at the mention of their name ...

But everything comes to an end. A friend unlearned, received a diploma, got a job in his specialty. Everything seems to be okay, everything is cool, a friend is happy, everyone is happy, friends, acquaintances, relatives - everyone is proud of him. Now let's switch to a specialist.

The first disappointment comes when you are left alone, and do not work in a team where everyone can support you, and with whom you can discuss the problems that have arisen. You are a specialist who graduated from a university and has a diploma of graduation, which means you must and must solve these problems yourself. And what to do here, you don’t know, you weren’t taught this, you had situations programmed in the curriculum, but with the prompts of the teacher and the collective mind, you solved them in the courses. They were taught strictly according to the program, which was drawn up in 90-00. Since then, technology has stepped far, appeared, and to this day appear, new programs, devices, the whole world is changing. Without a craving for training, a specialist begins to quickly lose all his knowledge acquired over 5 years of diligent drainage of the brain. As a result, the com problems are growing, growing like a parasite,

Irritability appears, the desire to go to work goes nowhere, a person rushes between problems, trying to somehow escape from their captivity, and in the end he has no choice but to give up and quit or surrender his rights to someone else, rejoicing only the fact that you didn’t even get fired from work, but changed the direction of your activity ...

Unfortunately, among friends, most of them just lost their status as a specialist and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and occupy good positions. Many were broken by the training program itself and the tasks that were required of them. I understand that I didn’t open the question to the end, if it can be called disclosure at all, but those who have faced such a situation will understand me deep down.

Well, okay, let's not talk about sad things, because fasting should be light and positive, but about sad things, if there is a desire, thoughts and mood, we can talk later.

“I want to get a job, but they don’t take it, because there is no experience. But there is no experience, because they do not hire. The circle is closed! What to do?"

This phrase with the well-known bash-org (the current bash-ima).

That's about such a phrase that haunted me when applying for the current job. With great difficulty, I was able to persuade the boss to take me for the period of vacation of the main employee, so to speak - “for a trial period”. I still respect and thank the boss for this decision. In turn, I tried with full dedication to put into practice the knowledge that I could learn from the pages of search engines, various books, and simply from Internet articles. True, it was not possible to do everything all at once, I had to think about some things for a rather long time, pumping my googling and logical thinking skills. Examples of this are darkness, ranging from cable laying to flashing the router.

By the time I left the employee’s vacation, I could already confidently work with the equipment, knew the approximate location of the key nodes and had an impressive list of problems that most often arise and how to solve them. The time has come to hand over things and thank the employee for the month of work that he gave me. And we had to leave ... with an employee. I took his place, and he went to another company, which had long been interested in him both in terms of career growth, and in terms of wages and social benefits ...

A small digression: dear, do not think that I “sat down” this employee, and he had to leave. Just the same, no, he had long wanted to leave the company, but there was no worthy replacement. I also do not consider myself worthy candidates. Now I also have some problems that sometimes have to be struggled with for a long time, and even for 3-4 approaches they cannot be solved due to lack of experience ...

Let's continue with the unfinished dialogue

... the first thing, after getting the post, it became scary. God, I am ONE! WHAT TO DO!?! The first - and most important - calm down! And do not panic.

The first thing I wanted to do was all that could be automated. Distribution of the necessary data files, archives, databases - to automate everything. This was the first mistake I made while setting everything up for myself. I regretted it when a little incorrect data began to come in and when the first night experience of raising a database of about 60 GB in size appeared. And this happened in the first month of "solo swimming." From now on, I was more circumspect, and set up the exchange a little differently.

The second - I learned Zen phrases - "It works - do not touch"! And this happened - rightly, also in the first month of independent work. They removed one computer from the exchange system, and climbed into the mailing script to remove it from the list too ... That's what I look at, the data stopped coming. Ah, yes, the same computer is already in my warehouse, data should not come from it ... That is, how did the data from the entire site not come? Hmm ... Well, I'll look at the server, maybe I'll find something. (after hours **** tsats of picking, barely barely tearing his eyes in the morning) Hello, yes, how did it burn? Hmm ... well, now I’ll find a replacement, it’s like there is a working computer in the warehouse from the old section, we will supply it to you, after 4 hours you will work. (After another 6-8 hours of dizzying action with the installation and launch of the workplace, with the transfer of information and the unification of the databases between the burned and installed computer) (I go to my exchanger) What the ... What ... Yesterday, there was absolutely nothing here! What kind of information, where ...? What's in the logs ... Oops, and time? Your ...

The third rule - "People are divided into two types - who makes backups, and who has already begun to do them."
Actually, the situations with this phrase were dark, and they haunted me from about 3-4 months.

Briefly summarizing the above, I note that the work that I got in the end completely arranged me and helped me to be implemented not only as a system administrator.

Uff ... I’m a little tired in one gulp of such a text, “I’m not a professional, I’m still learning.” Perhaps, at this point I will interrupt, with your permission, and in the next article I will continue the story. What will it be about? Yes, in fact, I’ll write down what I’m doing at the moment, tell you what interesting ideas are visiting me, and how my “baptism of fire” happened in an unofficial position as a “web developer”. I’ll try not to postpone writing for a long time, and, if interested, I’ll write a sequel this week.

To be continued. And see you soon.

UPD: The second part - “I want to work”

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