Pinterest opens its API

    PinterestDevelopers will finally have access to the Pinterest API. Today, the company launched the beta version of Pinterest Developers Platform , which enables developers to integrate their applications.

    The company introduced official sample applications. Now the program is open only to developers from the United States. The beta API allows developers to access authorized user data, as well as their followers. Access extends to various manipulations with user pins, including creation, reading, updating and deleting.

    TechCrunch writes that users will have full control over authorized applications, with the ability to revoke credentials at any time. The social network began working on the API in September.

    The ability to integrate with Pinterest will certainly appeal to the developers. Unlike other social networks, Pinterest is very light and positive, in some ways even frivolous: weddings, food, architecture, travel, design, fashion ... this is where Pinterest surpasses other resources.

    Although Pinterest has 47 million users, far less than Facebook with 1.4 billion and Twitter with 302 million, Pinterest is more product oriented.

    Pinterest will also benefit from the introduction of the public API. Alternative ways to use the base platform will attract new users.

    Due to pressure from Amazon and Google+, it is rumored to introduce such functionality, the participation of third-party developers may be crucial for Pinterest's growth.

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