Essential Skills for Users

    Most of the most important skills cannot be learned in the classroom or classroom. Such skills are acquired through trial and error. One of the authors of Business Insider created a thread on in which he asked users to write the most useful acquired skills.

    • Articulation of thoughts and feelings.

      It is extremely important for a person to learn to express his thoughts in words. This ability provides an opportunity to share thoughts and get their assessment from the outside.
    • Stealing from the great.

      Want to be successful? Learn to steal from the great. Or simulate. As Pablo Picasso said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal ...”
    • Self discipline.

      With self-discipline and perseverance, you can acquire any skill. The only thing that stops us from any accomplishments is ourselves. An inner voice is bothering us. Possession of self-discipline will help to suppress him and live by his own rules.
    • Knowledge of one’s own ignorance.

      The only difference between a person who achieves success and a man who does not achieve is that one of them did not know what questions to ask.
    • Charisma.

      One can be a completely impassable dumbass and a fool and still be successful. Many people sincerely want to help a charismatic person. Charismatic people have a strange ability to inspire confidence.
    • The ability to accept things as they are.

      Agree, life does not always add up as maybe you want it. Accept that everything in the world cannot behave as you would like.
    • Different thinking.

      Do something better than anyone in the world, even if what you do best occupies a very small niche. Unique skills are most valuable. One cannot help but recall the Apple slogan, “Think different.”
    • Empathy.

      Everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads. The ability to accept this will pave the way for friendship, mutual understanding and many other fundamental foundations of a long-term relationship.
    • Perception of an obstacle as an opportunity.

      Obstacles are inevitable. The weak do not take, the strong cope, and the great turn them into opportunities. The most important thing in the interference is not they themselves, but how we perceive and respond to them.
    • Quick read.

      Learn to read fast. This is one of the easiest and most affordable tools that can directly create other skills.
    • Mastering the art of conflict.

      Mastering this skill will set your mind free. Unwanted stress will not bother you anymore, and a positive attitude towards the antagonist will save your nerves.
    • Do not take everything to heart.

      Leave a heart for your near and dear ones, and use your head when communicating with everyone else. Emotions cause bias in judgments and prevent one from seeing the true picture of what is happening.
    • Sense of humor.

      People who know how to make other people laugh are liked by everyone and can cope with any situation by simply turning the conflict into a joke, while not hurting anyone's feelings.

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