Google opens a platform for the purchase of patents

    In search of patents that may be useful to business, Google Corporation decided to open an experimental site: from May 8 to May 22, 2015, everyone will be able to offer their patents and the price for them. By the end of June, Google will choose the right ones and pay for them by August.

    On the Google blog, the head of the patent department Allen Law writes about the main reasons for selling patents - this is money and a change in business.

    The patent market is sometimes too complicated, especially for small participants: an attempt to enter it may result in a long struggle with patent trolls in courts, spoiled by karma and time spent: about 60% of all court cases in relation to patents are claims of patent trolls.

    Google offers a platform for the sale of patentscompany. Allen Law promises that the process will be as simple and quick as possible: first the collection of applications will take place, then the company will contact and redeem the owners of the necessary patents. Money will be transferred in August.

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