AdBlock Plus owner defeats two German editions in court

    The court decided that the Adblock Plus service, which blocks advertising on sites, does not violate the freedom of the press, and users themselves can decide what their computer screen should look like, Medusa writes with reference to BBC News .


    Eyeo, the developer of Adblock Plus , defeated the publishers of Die Zeit and Handelsblatt in Hamburg. The plaintiffs tried to prove that AdBlock violates the freedom of the press and prevents publishers from making money from advertising.

    But the judge decided that users have the right to use this plugin in their browsers.

    Ben Williams, Abdlock Plus project manager, wrote on his blogthat “the decision of the Hamburg court is very important, as it sets a precedent that will help us avoid similar lawsuits and expenses, protecting what seems to us to be an inalienable right of the consumer: the ability to control their screens, avoid annoying advertising and protect privacy.” Williams noted that the company wants to collaborate with other publishers, advertisers and content creators.

    Plaintiffs disagree with this decision, they are convinced that AdBlock Plus acts illegally and prevents competition. “He (AdBlock Plus) violates freedom of the press. We will be waiting for written justifications of the court decision to analyze them and examine them for a possible appeal. ”

    One of the most popular extensions for browsers, AdBlock Plus blocks ads, but it also works with the whitelist of advertisers: 90% are on the list for free, but the company takes money from some .

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