RIF + CIB 2015: news from the fields - Runet metrics

    Today Reef + Kib 2015 opened. The RingCloud virtual telephone exchange is present at the event and tries to get around and listen to all the interesting sections. Below under the cut photo are slides of the RAEC report on the development of the Internet (Runet) for the year. For many of you who are building your companies, this will be very helpful.

    Presentation slides will go lower in order. The numbers and text are very interesting. I don’t have time to write my annotation, and it’s not so easy from the iPad. If you are on the Reef, then knock on my Facebook , chat. Getting started:

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    What do you most want to see from the Reef?

    • 48% Photos of cool stands 12
    • 64% Description of reports 16
    • 44% Photos of speaker presentations 11

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