What Facebook Messenger promises us as a business tool

    As you know, at its annual F8 conference, Facebook introduced a lot of new things, including the updated Messenger with the Business feature.


    You can find a lot of information on the network that the application has become a platform with its own mini-store, but very little information about how Messenger is also turning into a communication tool for business. Already, the new feature is being tested with the online stores Everlane and Zulily and will soon become available to everyone else. So far, you have to limit yourself to what was announced at the conference itself, and also published on English-language sites.


    Introduction Business assumes that now through Messenger it will be possible to correspond on behalf of pages - while this is possible only in the browser. The chat functionality will be expanded and it will be possible to send customers special stickers with prices, a map indicating where the goods are now and when they will be delivered to the final destination.


    Thanks to authorization through an account on Facebook, it will be possible to keep in touch with the client not only during the purchase, but also after he left the site - all correspondence will be stored in the account messages. The company believes that in this way Business will help get rid of the numerous SMS and email alerts that now accompany each stage of the purchase.


    As a result, Messenger Business will immediately solve a number of problems:

    Customer retention.Having logged in to the online store through a Facebook account, the client enters himself into the database. Even if he didn’t buy anything, but was looking for something or ordering something that at that time was not there, this will be preserved in history and can be used in the future. For example, for push notifications that a product has appeared in stock:


    Customer support. Instead of letters and SMS, all issues can be discussed in one window, accompanied by all this additional information in the form of special stickers. There you can change the order or even cancel.

    Communication with the client.Neither Everlane nor Zulily have feedback services. Until recently, all communication took place through letters. Messenger will become a substitute for online chat, and thanks to the integration of the application with ZenDesk, technical support will also be possible:


    Personification of customers. In the same way as Zopim (we will talk about it later), Messenger will allow you to identify customers that all other means of communication do not allow (we are also working on this in Rocket now).

    With the introduction of Business, the application from the chat will turn into a tool that covers all trends in the field of communication with the visitor. Now Messenger works only with Everline and Zulily, but you can fill out the form and get the opportunity to try Business one of the first.

    The company has not yet announced how the new feature will be monetized, but they have already admitted that if Business is successful, then it may become partially or fully paid.

    Ps According to Facebook, in the social network registered 11 million users from Russia.

    Messenger appeared after Facebook decided to put the messaging feature in a separate application. It was in March 2014. Then Zuckerberg said that the company intends to focus on creating its own applications and Messenger joined the ranks of Paper (news aggregator), Pages (page administration), and, in fact, Facebook itself.

    Until mid-summer 2014, it was possible to exchange messages without Messenger, but in late July, the company released the next update to Facebook, where this opportunity was no longer there. At the same time, the first innovation of Messenger was introduced - a search by phone number of even those people who are not registered on Facebook, but have installed the application.

    Since then, in Messenger, new opportunities began to appear every 1-2 months - stickers, calls, the ability to send videos, audio recordings, the ability to put labels on images, edit them, filters, group chats and much more. Before the conference, F8 Messenger remained another messaging application, a competitor to WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram and others.

    Pps In this blog we will try to describe all the most interesting and useful in the field of communication with the visitor on the site, customer retention, feedback forms and increase conversion.

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