How did we choose the tariff for our team

    Hello Megamind!

    There are seven of us, and we advise companies. Our main work is an audit of the quality of service. We spend a lot of time in Moscow, but our work allows us to be home often. The geography of our small team is vast: Moscow, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar Territory, and one of us, the designer, has been living in Thailand for about half a year. Yes, we love to travel. True, lately traveling has been a big question due to economic changes. Again, because of these very changes, you have to revise costs, look for ways to reduce all unnecessary and minimize what is needed. In this post, I would like to talk about my brief analysis of the offers of mobile operators. I spend about 2 thousand rubles a month, not particularly embarrassed in conversations. Almost half of my calls are conversations with colleagues.

    If you use a simplified taxation system with a differentiated tax rate when the profit is taxed (“income minus expense”), then you can reduce tax deductions - for this, include corporate communication costs in expenses according to the requirements of the Federal Tax Service. We use the type of STS, where the tax is calculated from the total amount of income, and our expenses do not affect the amount of taxes, so we can’t save that way - we just have to choose the optimal tariff.

    In addition to teamwork, many of us are freelancers, and we use the phone, of course, not only for work. Since it would be wrong to pay for all of the total revenue, we decided, moving on to the general tariff, to share the costs with each other.

    Of the tools we use mail, Todoist, Slack and Asana, we sit on social networks daily, we correspond and write Skype meetings several times a week.

    Our needs:
    • Unlimited communication between employees across the country.
    • Ideally, unlimited communication between employees abroad or not very expensive roaming.
    • Internet traffic of at least 3 GB.
    • Cost - the lower the better.
    • Included minutes for calls to other networks in the country.

    I started my search with tariffs for business. Last year, a study on this topic was published by Comnews. The authors used a complex methodology, took several options for “baskets” - for companies of 10, 34 and 74 people. They also examined three levels of services - low, medium and high. It seemed to me too complicated. We have only seven people, and each has clear requirements. However, I decided nevertheless to conduct a simple analysis.

    Corporate rates solve the main problem: make communication between employees unlimited. The SMS and MMS package is not critical for us, but it’s still nice to have some prepaid messages in case of problems with the Internet. An ideal tariff for us should include free calls to Russia or give enough prepaid minutes. And you need not very expensive roaming abroad, maybe in the form of an additional package of minutes or another option.

    First, define the upper bar. The tariff “MTS” “Business XL” for 3500 rubles a month pleases 15 GB of the Internet, but I am not ready to pay such money. A similar tariff for Beeline is “Platinum” from the line “ Everything for business”"For 3,500 rubles, although there is 5 GB more internet. Fortunately, everyone has Wi-Fi at home, so this amount of traffic is useful, perhaps, only for watching high-quality TV shows in an electric train. It makes no sense to transfer to 2000 rubles a month, so we will set the bar at 1500 rubles. There will be no lower border, it's a pity there is no free connection.

    MTS has a tariff"Business start", where you can select the amount of included Internet traffic. Calls to MTS in Moscow and the region under one contract are free, and calls to MTS throughout Russia are free for the first 150 minutes. That is, with a colleague from Murmansk it will turn out to talk for about 5 minutes a day - not enough. Then you have to pay 1.5 rubles per minute. Without the “150 minutes” package, you will have to pay 10 kopecks per contract and region and 2 rubles per minute for Russia. We’ll select the “150 minutes” package and the minimum amount of Internet traffic. For 600 rubles per month we will receive calls and 3 GB of Internet. There are Internet options Maxi, Super and VIP.

    Smart Business S costs 450 rubles a month. This amount includes unlimited conversations with colleagues in Moscow and the region, 500 minutes of calls to all numbers in Moscow, the region and MTS in Russia, 1.5 GB of mobile Internet. For an additional fee of 350 rubles, you can increase traffic to 3 GB, for 600 rubles - up to 8 GB.

    “Smart Business M” for 1000 rubles includes 1,500 minutes of calls to all numbers in Moscow, the region and to “MTS” in Russia, and 5 gigabytes of Internet. Calls to colleagues in the country after 1500 minutes will cost 5 rubles per minute (with the option “All Russia” connected for 100 rubles), to other phones in the country - 12.9 rubles per minute. It is better not to go beyond the package. Calls to Thailand will cost 63 rubles per minute.

    "Business Unlimited L" is on the upper bar - 1,500 rubles per month. Calls under the contract and the region are included in the price, and for conversations with other regions (within the MTS) there are 4000 minutes - 133 minutes per day. Mobile Internet - 10 GB. Characteristics are excellent, if not for the price. Yes, I want cheaper.

    Beeline updated its “Everything for Business” tariffs for the crisis and posted a calculator on the website. "Platinum" is the most expensive, we will not consider it, this amount is outside our budget.

    Bronze costs 600 rubles a month, for seven subscribers - 4200 rubles a month. Calls are unlimited throughout the country. Mobile Internet - 3 GB each. It will be possible to call Thailand from Moscow for 20 rubles per minute, from other regions - 40 rubles. If you are in Thailand, an outgoing call to Russia will cost 17 rubles per minute. The tariff includes 3000 SMS and MMS.

    The second option is Silver. It costs 1000 rubles, but for the money of the Internet it’s already 9 GB - in case you have to travel long distances from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi, and in case of unstable operation of your home or office network. The conversations here are 1500 minutes to other networks. A day is 50 minutes. For another 500 rubles (the “Everywhere at Home” service) all minutes will be extended to long-distance calls when traveling in Russia and to incoming calls abroad in a number of countries - including Thailand, which we need.

    The third option - “Gold” - offers 15 GB of Internet and 5,000 minutes of calls for 1,500 rubles per month. Almost the same conditions as those of MTS Business XL, but 1000 less minutes and 2000 rubles cheaper. The subscription fee already includes those in Europe, the CIS, China, the USA, Egypt and Thailand.

    As I wrote above, they did not choose Platinum. Still, 3,500 rubles per month for each person only for communication - this is a bust for a small company of freelancers. The toad will strangle.

    One of the main advantages of the line is a completely unlimited communication between colleagues, including calls, SMS and MMS. In tariffs “MTS” and “MegaFon” for calls to colleagues in other cities you will either need to pay extra, or they are spent from the included minutes.

    What is the matter with MegaFon? Corporate Unlimited calculator is hanging on the site. I chose it at a price of up to 1,500 rubles - I received Corporate Unlimited S 5000+. Without additional options, the tariff will cost 1,500 rubles per month. For this money we will receive 5000 minutes outgoing in the home region and on MegaFon in Russia, 15 GB of Internet and 5000 messages. And for calls to other countries without additional options you will have to pay: for example, 50 rubles for Asia per minute, and in the CIS and Ukraine - 12 rubles. So in the case of our lover of painting on the beach in Thailand, you will have to spend money. Calls to other operators in Russia will be not much cheaper - 10 rubles per minute.

    Corporate Unlimited M 1500+ will cost a little cheaper. It costs 1200 rubles per month, the tariff includes 9 GB of Internet, 1,500 minutes for calls in the home region and to MegaFon Russia, 3,000 SMS and MMS in the country.

    In general, MegaFon and I were a little confused and called the support service. The only tariff that is suitable for work throughout Russia is L, because calls to other regions are included in it. You can select 500, 1500 and 5000 minutes. “Corporate Unlimited L 500+” means unlimited communication with MegaFon in the home region, 500 minutes of calls to other networks in the region and Russia, incoming and outgoing calls in Russia and incoming calls in Europe. Plus 3 GB of Internet and 3000 SMS and MMS. Roaming for Thailand will have to be connected separately, this is the “Around the World” option - 9 rubles per day plus 9 rubles per sms and per minute of conversation. The price does not bite. But the Internet abroad will cost 329 rubles for 10 MB per day or 829 rubles for 30 MB per day - the amount is unbearable.

    "Tele 2" pleased with the generally low prices. For example, the tariff "Gamma"- This is 250 rubles per month. It offers unlimited calls between employees and 500 minutes of calls with all numbers of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and Tele 2 in Russia. And another 1.5 GB of internet. There is a minus: we need Moscow. And the second minus - only at the end of last year, Tele 2 began to launch the already outdated 3G, so I won’t know how to spend these 1.5 GB of traffic. The “Beta” tariff for 400 rubles per month of Internet 3 GB and 1000 minutes of calls, but due to the lack of high-speed Internet from the struggle, these tariffs are still dropped.

    Yota has rates for individualswhich, at first glance, suits us. A tariff with 600 minutes of calls throughout the country will cost 700 rubles, another 300 rubles for unlimited Internet. Within the Yota network, calls are unlimited. 50 rubles - unlimited short messages. Total comes out 1040 rubles per month. This is not a business tariff, but a tariff for individuals that meets our needs. Calls from Thailand to Russia will cost 79 rubles, to other countries - 129 rubles. But there is a problem with the coating. The network is only in large cities, and not in all. In Murmansk, for example, there is no coverage - neither voice communications, nor the Internet.

    tariff name, add. options
    Subscription fee (rubles / month)House calls (min included)Calls to country colleagues (min included)Calls to other operators in the countryCall to Thailand (rub / min)Enabled Internet traffic (GB)
    MTS Business Start + 150 minutes + Internet Mini600150
    Unlimited calls to colleagues in Moscow and Moscow Region. Colleagues in other cities for 12.9 rubles.
    15012.9 rub / min633
    MTS Smart Business S + All Russia450 + 325 = 775500
    Unlimited calls to colleagues in Moscow and Moscow Region. Colleagues in other cities for 12.9 rubles.
    50012.9 rub / min631,5
    MTS Smart Business M + All of Russia1000 + 600 = 16001500
    Unlimited calls to colleagues in Moscow and Moscow Region. Colleagues in other cities for 12.9 rubles.
    150012.9 rub / min63five
    MTS Business Unlimited L15004000400012.9 rub / min63ten
    "Beeline" "Everything for business." Bronze ” + package“ 500 intercity ”
    600 + 100 = 700500 minutes at the tariff +
    500 for
    long-distance = 1000 minutes
    Unlimited500 min included
    Next 2 rub / min
    "Beeline" "Everything for business." Silver " +" Everywhere at home "
    1000 + 500 = 15001500Unlimited1500
    Next 2 rub / min
    "Beeline" "Everything for business." Gold " + package" 5000 intercity "1500 + 300 = 18005000 according to the tariff
    + 5000 minutes for intercity
    = 10 000 minutes
    UnlimitedIncluded 5000 min.
    Next 2 rub / min.
    MegaFon Corporate Unlimited L 500+1000500500 min included
    Next 1.5 rub / min
    500 min included
    Next 1.5 rub / min
    Unlimited with Moscow colleagues,
    with Russian colleagues - included 500 minutes
    MegaFon Corporate Unlimited L 1500+16001500500 min included
    Next 1.5 rub / min
    1500 min included
    Next 1.5 rub / min
    Unlimited with Moscow colleagues,
    with Russian colleagues - 1500 minutes of the included

    Red highlighted parameters that do not meet our needs.
    Green highlights the best deals among competitors (inside the column).

    The most suitable option for us was Beeline, “Everything for business. Silver ”with the optional“ Everywhere at Home ”service. There is 9 GB of Internet, 1,500 minutes of calls: in the home region and trips around Russia, long-distance calls and incoming calls in Thailand. The most important thing here is complete unlimited on conversations and communications between colleagues throughout Russia. On a business trip in Thailand, an outgoing call will cost 17 rubles. A call from Moscow to Thailand is 20 rubles per minute. The monthly fee is 1,500 rubles.

    tariff name, add. options
    Monthly fee rub / monthHouse calls (min included)Calls to country colleagues (min. Included)Calls to other operators in the countryCall to Thailand (RUB / min.)Enabled Internet traffic (GB)
    "Beeline" "Everything for business." Silver " +" Everywhere at home "
    1000 + 500 = 15001500Unlimited1500 min.
    Next 2 rub / min.

    There is plenty to choose from, but everything is very individual. It is important to understand how employees are scattered throughout the country. If everything is in Moscow and the region - it is full of options. Their number is narrowed when you need to call in Russia. In the case of Beeline, calls between employees are unlimited throughout the country, at no additional charge, and free of charge on Beeline. MegaFon is free only at home. Plus, it’s important to understand the coverage of the operator, as is the case with Yota - everything is fine if voice communication worked everywhere, like the Big Three. And then you need to look at how much time someone spends abroad, where the calls are expensive. Moreover, in specific countries, each operator may have very different conditions. And, in the end, you need to look at prices and compare who has more minutes / internet for less.

    A common problem of most mobile operators: in the process of segmenting the audience, they played too much and created many tariffs, options and packages. To understand the full variety of conditions, you need a huge amount of time and effort. Having plunged headlong into this hell, I gave preference to a specific Beeline offer - the selected tariff and option will allow us to get at least 40% savings. But once again I will say that everything is individual. I hope that the work done by me will be useful for those who are thinking about reducing communication costs and will definitely face a painful choice. And yet, why operators complicate the choice for the consumer, and not vice versa, it remained a mystery to me.

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