An unusual experiment that we carry out every month

    For two years now we have been holding an unusual competition. At the end of each month, we offer employees, customers and everyone who wants to choose from the projects released in the last month the three most popular sites. The winner receives an advertising campaign and a place on the main page of our site as a bonus. And we ...

    Why do we need this? Since we work in the mass segment of low-cost sites up to 30,000 rubles, it is very important for us to understand what visitors pay attention to when a quick assessment of the site. In this experiment, we are only interested in the first impression.

    What sites do regular users like?

    What sites do you think win every month? Every month for two years, we never cease to be surprised at how the opinion from the position of the consumer differs from the opinion from the position of the developer. We will explain this later. In the meantime, before sharing the results of a two-year experiment, we want to expand the audience of voters and attract subscribers to our blog to help choose the winner of March.

    Before clicking on the voting link, one caveat. Look at sites from the point of view of a simple consumer. Which site did you like more? By evening, we will close the vote and discuss the result in the comments. We will also lay out a list of sites that won during the year.

    Voting is available at the link:

    Thank you for participating!

    Vasily Churanov and WebCanape team

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