Intel plans to buy Altera

    AlteraMarch 27 Online The Wall Street Journal has announced the news of a possible takeover by Intel famous manufacturer PLD (programmable logic integrated circuits) Altera . The planned transaction promises to be the largest ever. Altera may be absorbed for Intel's record $ 13.6 billion.

    According to experts, the deal will help Intel maintain a dominant position in the server market. Meanwhile, Business Insider analystsbelieve that Intel is going to diversify its revenues, 60% of which are currently tied to sales in the personal computer market. Altera’s acquisition will strengthen Intel’s leadership in the industry and reduce its dependence on PC sales.

    Recently, the company has been striving to occupy a large share of the data center equipment market. And in this context, the acquisition of Altera becomes quite predictable and logical, because at the moment FPGAs of this manufacturer are widely used in data centers. In addition, given Altera’s high market entry barriers and high profitability, the acquisition is starting to make more sense.

    Both companies declined to comment on the deal. During the first report, released on Friday, Intel shares rose about 4.5%, while Altera jumped more than 23%.

    Previously, the companies had already collaborated ; then Altera produced user-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) based on 14 nm Intel technology.

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