China will have its own Wikileaks

    Looking at the experience of Western comrades, represented by the Wikileaks service, the Chinese dissidents decided to create a resource of a similar orientation. It seems that the idea of ​​Wikileaks is finding an increasing response in society, and perhaps in the future such resources will appear in every country. Although, by no means all governments are worried about the data that can be posted on such resources - some simply “release everything on the brakes”, even if the published information is very relevant. But the governments of the United States and China are clearly not one of these, and for this reason the published information makes them “move”, recognizing some errors, which then have to be corrected.

    The intention to launch their own Wikileaks was announced by Chinese dissidents in an October 22 interview for the South China Morning Post. The Chinese emphasize their independence from Wikileaks itself, stating that only an idea unites them with this resource. Recall that Wikileaks publishes in the public domain secret documents of the US government about the war in the USA, Iraq and some other materials. At the moment, there are hundreds of thousands of documents, audio and video records posted on Wikileaks servers, which only the lazy are not talking about now.

    In the wake of popularity, Wikileaks rose after the publication of a video with the US military, who shot unsuspecting journalists from Iraq standing in a group around a minibus. The Americans decided that the locals and the minibus were incompatible things, and they shot both people and the vehicle. As the saying goes, "away from sin." If not for Wikileaks, then this case would have remained unnoticed by anyone and everything would have gotten away with. And so, the US military still has to get out, explaining this incident, and lean on ensuring the security of the civilian population of Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries where there is a military contingent of America.

    As for the Chinese, here the dissidents are fighting for the implementation of democratic principles in China, plus the developers are going to return the right to information to people. The project involves journalists, hackers, lawyers, proofreaders and people of other professions who can ensure the normal operation of the site.

    It is interesting that many IT experts from China consider this venture unsuccessful - in their opinion, in China it is impossible to open this resource and remain at large, unnoticed by anyone. This Essence, the head of Wikileaks, can travel from country to country without worrying (for now) about a possible imprisonment. But in China, everything is a little different - the slightest suspicion of a "conspiracy", and a person can almost thunder out of prison for life.

    In any case, the creation of resources like Wikileaks is a rather interesting idea, which can really affect officials, both higher and lower ranks.

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