Blogger! Be careful - spammers get smarter

    Naturally, spammers began to grow wiser not yesterday and not the day before yesterday. But literally in the last couple of months, the percentage of smart spam in my blog has grown significantly. These comments make novice bloggers not only nervous, but they respond to them.

    The time for stupid spam, which was elementarily separated and visually stood out from the comments, passed safely.

    Now spam is read, commented on, and what’s worst is left on the pages. It’s easy to check if you are a blogger, then open notifications and copy the text of the spam comment to Yandex. Many, very many.

    Even young bloggers understand that comments like "+1" with a domain are built instead of However, comments like:
    I have long wanted to ask. The author you read the message, otherwise you didn’t wait for a reply.

    2All: but you can’t leave comments on the topic, but not stupid hung on the wall, the author burns, +1, etc. Internet degradation damn

    Yes, such a blog definitely needs to be promoted as soon as possible - so that as many people as possible learn about it!

    unequivocally confused beginners.

    Spammers try to squeeze you into emotion, negative or positive - it doesn’t matter. Flattery, malice, insult - everything goes in motion.

    And also spammers who engage in manual spam love to reduce their time in this way (suppose there is a commentator in the comments with the name "Vasily"):
    Vasily, you are one hundred percent right!

    Naturally, this decent “+1” sometimes gets into the stream and generates a huge amount of response in the form of a wave of comments.

    And the last example for today (imagine that you have a friend on the blogroll named Sagittarius). Spammers just leave a comment under the name of your friend, leaving your shit link.

    Even those who have been blogging for years, for example, in LiveJournal, cannot distinguish such a flush by primacy in stand alone mode, simply because almost no spam is reported on LiveJournal.

    What do I recommend doing? I will not recommend - I will say what I do.
    1. Look at the comment link. Go to the site, if you see that there is a shit site - delete the comment. If the comment is adequate - you can put a link to the Lebedev website , light up in his emoticon;
    2. Put plugins to filter comments (I will not recommend anything - this is the topic of a separate post);
    3. Follow the blog without leaving it alone for long;

    Sooner or later, antispam plugins for your diaries will learn how to deal with them, but the blogger - remember, you're at war. Do not let your blog turn into trash, do not let your work and time into the pipe.

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