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    Let's start with local news. I got another press release that talks about the already well-known service . The purpose of the site, I think, is clear from the name. If you have a blog, but there is no way to upload images, use photo blog! Naturally, they promise to rapidly develop and constantly add new features. The project manager is Anton Grekovich - notorious folder . What, for example, is for me a kind of quality mark, or something. And in general - buy Belarusian!

    The Alexandria court sentenced Egyptian blogger Abdel Karim Suleiman to four years in prison for insulting Islam and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. And he was under investigation since November 2006 because of eight entries that he published in his online diary since 2004. This is the first such case in Egypt. Al-Ajar Abdel Karim Suleiman, a 22-year-old former law student at the University of Al-Ajar, criticized government officials, the university, and President Hosni Mubarak, whom he called a dictator, in his blogs, Security Lab reports .

    Unknown hackers take over blog on SaturdayState Duma Deputy Viktor Alksnis. All entries from the deputy’s journal were deleted, the list of diaries read by Alksnis was cleared, obscene language appeared in interests, which is also present on the new userpic of the diary, which depicts Mikhail Boyarsky in the image of D'Artagnan. It all started with a scandal that arose because of a conflict with the famous blogger tarlith (in the world - candidate of historical sciences Timofey Shevyakov). After tarlith disagreed quite sharply with the deputy’s position, Alksnis declared his desire to file a lawsuit against Shevyakov and hold him accountable for insulting an official (“category A civil servant, as v_alksnis called himself). In addition, Alksnis tried to organize an actionagainst Internet boors and urged LJ users to jointly “put things in order” in Runet. A few hours after the hack, the account returned to the deputy. More details about this whole story can be found on .

    A resident of Australia is recognized as the oldest blogger on the planet. Olive Riley started writing her web diary at the age of 107. The first Australian post appeared two weeks ago. In his journalshe tells various stories from her life, and also posts photographs of herself and her relatives. On one of them, for example, you can see a pensioner bathing with her grandson in the pool, on the other an elderly lady drinks shandi (a mixture of ordinary beer with ginger beer or lemonade). As Olive Riley notes, her friend Mike helped her create the blog. “I tell him stories, and he prints them on a computer. He believes this is a great idea - to tell everyone about what is happening to me. A few years ago, he already made a film about me, and people really liked him. Perhaps they will like my blog too. Let’s see, ”they translate for us from English on CNews website .

    For the first time in the history of the ranking of Yandex Blogs“, In which the most discussed posts of the domestic blogosphere participate, all thirty positions were taken by the same online diary. The author of the diary managed to do this using 51 fake accounts in which he posted links to his main blog. The rating of Yandex-Blogs has turned into a benefit of the user LJ Jan-Y at about 2-3 am Moscow time on February 25. The secret of the extraordinary popularity of this network author was revealed by the blogger danyakar, who in the comments on the entry on the unusual appearance of the Yandex rating indicated the existence of identical accounts with links to Jan-Y notes - the same ubiquitous broadcasts . On " Internet things“Without too much fuss, for the second month already, experiments have been“ slowly ”creating official“ mirrors ”on popular blogging platforms, simultaneously offering users to PR them by inserting a small HTML-code - complements the general picture of WebPlanet .

    Vsevolod Gakkel, a former member of the Aquarium group, published an open letter to Andrei Malakhov. Quote: “ I will not turn on the TV in order to inquire about how you mount your shameful plot, which you cowardly turned, fearing that everything that they think about you will express in your face and your face will become visible to your clack - this unfortunate zombie housewives who, for the sake of adding to a beggarly pension at your signal, thoughtlessly applaud how you humiliate another defenseless woman“.

    For a moment, we’ll break away from reading the news and read about the most famous Moscow ghosts . I read this text at night and after the first paragraph I felt a little uneasy. By the way, maybe someone in the know about Minsk or just Belarusian ghosts? This topic is very interesting to me, tell me!

    The company "Soup" finally began to earn money by placing ads in the Russian segment of LiveJournal. The first advertisers were Nokia and SABMiller. Internet advertising market participants disagreed on the effectiveness of blog postings. Nokia advertises in the LJ model 5300 Xpress music - not very expensive, targeted at a young audience, and SUBMiller - beer Miller, also targeted at a young audience. „LiveJournal as an advertising platform is interesting for advertisers. They are attracted by the attendance and well-structured audience of the blog , ”says Anton Nosik, director of the blogging service at Soup, and AdVesti brings his words to us .

    The jargon of online chats and blogs (online diaries) has broken out of the World Wide Web into everyday life. Philologists do not know what to do: to sound the alarm or just to observe the development of events. Pretending to exist virtual language - an alternative to the Americanized user language. An interesting article about Internet jargon in real life is on the website of the New Region 2 news agency.

    Stunning illustrated story about space dogs. It is written with humor. But I let a tear drop a couple of times. A large, interesting and largely touching text, interesting and probably rare photos.

    The textbook of a professional blogger , I have not yet seen such serious work about blogging. A restraining factor for you should be only lack of knowledge of English. New Blog

    OpenedDMOZE (Google directory, if anyone doesn’t know). The primary goal of the blog is to provide Internet users with additional, very diverse information about the directory and everything connected with it at least somehow. The editors hope that it will bring a lot of benefit both to the directory with its visitors, and to all webmasters who offer their sites in DMOZE for consideration. The blog aims to dispel the many myths about ODP that exist on the RuNet, as well as to conduct substantial outreach among their visitors. All this is especially important against the background of how DMOZE is becoming popular among ordinary Runet users. A striking indicator of this is the jump in the value of its TIC, which attracted a considerable mass of new visitors from Yandex.

    News anchor Alexei KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 9, 2007)

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