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    Now with strawberry flavor

    Something I do not like last review. All in the press releases, like a tree in toys, sparkles with lures and advertising slogans. Here it is - popularity. Blogs are no longer exotic even for our country. Do you remember how a year and a half ago skepticism and irony sounded in an unstable chorus at the forum of your favorite newspaper? Although, frankly, I miss those times. It is much nicer to prove to the skeptics on the forum that they are wrong than to insert a press release from the next mega-portal into the review, which drew attention to blogs. And before the blogs got politicians. In general, the story is banal once again repeated in a circle - blogs become just another means of attracting the attention of the population, the first altruistic enthusiasts go into the shadows, and entrepreneurs advance into the vanguard. On average, in a week I get three or four press releases about the opening of new services or blogs, as well as five or seven letters asking “How to make my blog get into your review?” And I don’t know what to do with it a wonderful natural phenomenon. If you skip absolutely everything on the air, then at the output we get an informative, but absolutely dry text, which will be completely identical to the news feeds some morning. Blogs are pushed into a specific form, which is limited by RSS, adsense and the number of comments. Reading new posts on your favorite blogs, you already begin to physically feel how the author calculated the number of commenters and how many positions the blog will rise in the Yandex rating. You understand, huh? I again lead to the fact that money is evil. Blogs are becoming a commercial venture, and bloggers are climbing over so that readers are not getting smaller. What turns out? Do blogs mess people up? Replacing new and fresh thoughts with stimuli for a pleasure center. Podcasting, youtube and Flickr have done their dirty work - posting media content has become an elementary affair, and now, for example, you can upload funny ALIENE videos and recruit readers on your blog every day. Text and identity fade into the background, giving way to "chewing gum for the eyes." The slogan of the last time: “I have not assured! Too many bukf! ”Therefore, to read yelling about the dominance of pop on the radio, TV shows on television and bedding on book ruins is ridiculous. You, yes, yes, it is you who create less and less, replacing the present with substitutes for the present. Instead of your review, you copy someone else's; instead of your photo, give a link to another author; instead, even a very simple one, but your story about how you were cheated in the store, you pass the test "Who are you in the world of Futurama?" Yes, imagine, the matrix has us again. Aleksey Kruchenykh once composed a wonderful verse “At midnight I noticed ...”, which ends with the lines: “- Burned? - No, shot himself ...” So we also learned something better in the blogs. And now to gray weekdays.

    27 naked women

    Again, back to the KV forum. Oh, I remember that angry response from readers when last year’s review published a link to an entry in one of the blogs that featured a colorful story from office life. The secretary did not know how to do blowjob (this word was first used on the pages of her favorite newspaper). In a good way, of course, I must now give a link to that topic so that you can read both the note and the comments, but, by God, it’s not worth it. Battle of Khaletsky vs. hypocrisy cannot be won or lost by either side. It's time to strike again. This time I will write about anal sex. Well, I’m not going to be the one, but Sveta has already written : "A year ago, I conducted a whole study of "sex over the Internet." In particular, I was interested in the question of what men are looking for, why, why. I went to dating sites (sex dating, to clarify), read profiles to tinnitus and glare in my eyes, corresponded with so many men and shoveled a bunch of forums. And I’ll tell you with the last bluntness - there is no other kind of sex where there would be a similar scatter of supply and demand on the face . "In my deep conviction, this text should be in the biology textbook for the eighth grade, and then for the tenth, so that but for some reason he’s on some Sveta’s blog, and a link to him is given in the newspaper about computers.Do not you think that all this is through the very place about which that note?

    I continue to carry the sexual revolution to the masses. A wonderful text called " Sex: A Test of Sanity ." I warn you in advance, by reference not only the promotion of unbridled and animal sex, but also manifestations of religious intolerance. "The regular beatings that children experience in the “traditional moral education” system and the street crimes of sexual maniacs (brutal rape accompanied by the killing and dismemberment of the victim’s corpse) are two sides of the same social phenomenon - the traditional (orthodox) attitude to the human body and to human sexuality. Sexuality in traditional moral systems is transformed into a pathological tendency to torture the human body. This should be remembered to all the laughter-intellectuals who like to talk about the "moral power of traditional ideals" and the "transformative influence of Christian morality." "

    " I hate two things: racism and blacks "- a joke

    Although, in fact, it was possible not to make a new heading, but to continue under the previous one. I won’t tell you anything new. Yes, people kill other people simply because they have different skin colors, or they speak different languages, or believe in another god (and it doesn’t matter that this god forbids killing). But on this occasion, however, there are no indignant posts on the forum. But oral sex is just the same global evil. So, thirteen years ago in Rwanda more than eight hundred thousand people (800,000) were killed in a hundred days. Genocide in Rwandain '94, this is the story of how Hutu people physically exterminated Tutsi people. Rwanda once again recalls that if a person is allowed to freely cross borders, then he turns into an animal. And it’s not very difficult to drive the whole country crazy for any of your goals. And the rest of the world will do nothing - it will be as we say.

    On February 4, the Quebec village of Herouxville adopted the Code of Conduct for Village Residents. There is no mention of immigrants in the operative part of the Code. But for some reason, all newspapers, TV, parties and fraternities call this policy document the “ Code of Conduct for Immigrants .” Moreover, almost immediately, the village even had its own Wikipedia page.. Residents of the Quebec village of Herouville are tired of political correctness and tolerance. I remember in one of the series “South Park” the creators of the series tried to convey the simple truth to this planet through Stan’s mouth: “Tolerance does not mean dull silence.” Although, of course, all these national issues have one big insoluble problem. I believe that after about 869 years, all races will mix together and only one race will remain on the planet - man. But you probably will not live up to this.

    Porno actor Aleksey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 8, 2007)

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