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    Live event broadcast

    Apparently, something happened with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Or humanity has finally begun to move away from the New Year holidays. Or the next attack “agulnaya mlyavasti i abyyakavaststi yes zhytsstsa” ended with the first winter frosts. Be that as it may, a wave of interest in the blog has risen on the Belarusian Internet. The specifics? I have it!

    Belarusian diaries are now on video!

    The first to me was a press release from the Belarusian Diaries service , about which I had already written about and even promised you to take a mini-interview from its creators. But first about the press release. Its essence was that together with the HIT-TV projectcreated an opportunity for Belarusian users to conduct video blogs, upload and share private videos, and so on. Moreover, the space limit for placing files on the server was raised as much as 50 times, now it is 500 MB for an ordinary user. Such a sudden activity of the creators of the “Belarusian Diaries” after a year of hibernation served as a reason for a mini-interview.

    Why did you decide to make your service? Do you think there is a shortage of blogging services?

    The fact is that the project was created as part of a conglomeration of sites whose main audience is young people: (works) + (works) + (works) + + + Since 3 of 6 sites will be launched only by September 1, 2007, we did not advertise any of the projects individually or all together.

    Why is the advertising campaign to promote so weak? The service was opened more than a year ago, but almost no resonance. A little more than 600 diaries, in my opinion, are a very modest indicator.

    We have the opportunity to support projects and develop them on a non-profit basis, so we would not like to advertise them ahead of time or to receive any profit from them. Moreover, at the moment they are practically not combined. That is, they do not constitute a single whole. But you cannot advertise projects in this state.

    What do you plan to do to make your service more popular? Are you planning to carry out promotions?

    We plan to start active work after the start and unification of all projects - this fall. Those. Advertising is the most important component of the success of any project. But we have not used it yet, since we do not consider our projects strong enough. We are interested in stability and the future, rather than short-term, but quickly passing glory.

    Why did you initially focus on teenagers? Doesn't it seem to you that has long and firmly occupied this niche?

    In general, we plan to open a service for already "adult" blogs. In addition to all the features of the service, this project will have the following advantages: it will present the capabilities of “mobile” and “email” blogging, i.e. when the user can update their blog via mail or mobile phone.

    What are the further plans for the technical development of Will it come close in functionality to

    We made the first service in Baynet for the possibility of video blogging ( or, and here we plan to “tighten up” Belarusian blogs to international standards. Moreover, mobile and email blogging will be more popular with us, because video blogging requires expensive equipment (a camera), video processing knowledge, expensive internet for Belarus and traffic, courage (still, showing your photos is one thing, and your video is another, higher “level of courage”).

    Also, the new service will have more features in statistics and interactivity.

    We plan to introduce other new products that are not in the Belarusian segment of the Internet. But for now, we would not like to talk about it, so as not to suggest successful solutions to our competitors. Moreover, we make plans and successfully implement them, i.e. do not stand still. We do not dream, we do.

    In any case, after the release of "adult" blogs we will pull up to higher standards and "".

    Photos and videos can already be uploaded, but what about music?

    Music (.mp3) and photos, as well as text files (.doc, .rtf, .pdf) can be uploaded to “”. Here is the full list of available formats: jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, png, pdf, doc, zip, rar, txt, rtf, ppt, swf, uha. The video must be uploaded to - there it will be available for viewing online.

    Thanks for the detailed answers!

    Alexei, ask if something is not clear or if clarification is needed. We will also promptly inform you of our news!

    It's time to kill the hares!

    In a previous review, I told you about a competitor, BY Blogal Review , a review of Belarusian blogs. I did not waste time in vain and even managed to talk with the creator of this review. Correspondence in the format of "Question-Answer" I bring to your attention.

    Please introduce yourself. Or do you prefer to stay incognito?

    No, I have nothing to hide. :) My name is Dmitry Todarev.

    Immediately a question in the forehead. Why do you need this? Why did you start these reviews?

    Then why do people blog. To share what you have. This, perhaps, is the main difference between blogs and the offline world. “Through life”, a culture of consumption reigns around us: your weight in society is greater, the more you can gain. Online is the opposite. A blogger has to give a lot to his readers, the entire Internet, in order to become significant, “authoritative”.

    Returning to your question, everything happened by itself. I began to notice that there were a lot of interesting posts of Belarusian liquid artists, I wanted to share them, but these kinds of links did not fit the format of my personal blog. In addition, we (among Belarusian liquid workers) have very weak social activity of bloggers. That is, it is not customary to share interesting materials with your friends, they spread, mainly, only their own. Such a specificity. So I created BY_review to kill two birds with one stone: to unload a personal blog and try to socialize the Belarusian LJ segment.

    What is the criterion for a blog link to appear in your review? Yes, we are aware that the best in Belarusian LiveJournal is being reviewed. But, firstly, how Belarusianness is determined, and secondly, what do you think is “better”? Well, and thirdly, is it planned to include blogs or blogs from other services (blogspot, liveinternet, etc.) in the stand-alone review?

    Belorussianity will be determined by the country of residence indicated in the profile :). Links of other users whose posts are related to our country are also published. The best is the one that caused the greatest response, personally liked by me or any other blogger. Everyone can send the link. But I, as an editor, still remain the last resort. Guided by common sense and a sense of beauty. There are no clear criteria, I can only say that it never gets into the “best”: lyddybr (personal notes), a stream of consciousness, posts for a narrow circle of initiates, illiterate notes (without observing punctuation, case letters and the simplest structure of the text).

    Stand-alone blogs appear in reviews, but not often. They do not send corny links. And so, there is no discrimination, the post is important, not the site :).

    What is the frequency of releases?

    Now 3 times a week. At first, I tried to make BY_review a daily newspaper, but quickly realized that in the Belarusian zhezheshekke there was simply not enough content for this.

    How is the content of the review formed?

    The content directly depends on the intensity of life and the general trends of life. The issue may contain a dozen links of one focus, and maybe more than twenty, and on completely different topics. I collect the material myself and send other oil workers. In this sense, BY_review fully lives up to its name and is a "mirror" of BelZhZh.

    Are there any required categories or is freestyle reigning in every review?

    There are rubrics, but these are, rather, the characteristics of a certain group of posts. For example, “social,” “humor,” or “travel notes.” They will not necessarily be in the room, but will appear if at least a couple of links to records on this topic come.

    People are dying for metal!

    They decided to carry out an amusing advertising campaign " Belarusian News", although now I understand that for me it will turn into a nightmare. The purpose of the action is to bring as many visitors to the Belarusian News website as possible. To do this, use the content of Belarusian News in any way: reprint materials, quote them, post links, invite to watch multimedia and participate in the forum ... A gold bullion is promised as the main prize, a silver bullion for the second place. You can read more about participation in the action and prizes on the website of the Belarusian News", I’ll return to what worries me. This article is written two days before the latest issue of“ KV ”, and I have already caught sight of two posts with ads on blogs. Naturally, there will be more. voluntarily it’s not necessary to monitor all these blogs in order not to miss something interesting. Directly go to the monastery until March 31 (time of the end of the action) so that all this legalized spam is not visible. Although, on the other hand, I was immensely pleased that at least someone in our country appreciated the advertising potential of blogs. e stupid linking to, and the use of content and all kinds of integration of the blog and the news system.It personally makes me wait with conclusions and see what all the same will turn out. It is quite possible that more quotes will simply appear in blogs from the news what will make readers of these blogs pay great attention to what is happening in the country and the world. And then we have the usual position - my hut from the edge. In addition, a gold bar is never superfluous!

    Thought transmitter Alexei KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 7, 2007)

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