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    If you read this text, then today is Thursday. Unless, of course, you are the chief editor of the only newspaper on computers, Computer News, which reads it on Tuesday. And not a literary editor who reads it on Wednesday. All other days of the week do not exist, and if your imagination says otherwise, then KV does not bear any responsibility for this. Send all complaints somewhere.

    The virtuality of the week

    of January 17 in one of the blogs on LiveJournal shows an entry that says that after a four-day coma, one of the Russian players in the online RPG Lineage II died. No, he did not die of starvation or nervous exhaustion. He was beaten to death by another player in the same game. Moreover, this happened at a general gathering in the presence of a fairly large number of people. One morecomment on what happened on another blog, from which I borrowed a quote: “ After talking for a while, the DVP hit Sasha and began to beat him, Sasha’s arm was broken and he couldn’t defend himself for a long time, he slowly fell to the floor and the DVP started beating him with his feet ... he continued to kick him in the head! .. This continued until the guard intervened, the fiberboard was not weak, but he was completely safe, but sorry ... "This news instantly became a hit on the Russian-language Internet. Many blogs and forums have begun discussions about what happened. Perhaps the most sane articleabout this murder and comments appeared on Habrahabr. In general, from the outside, all this looks rather strange. Surely there will be paranoiacs who will start yelling about the disastrous effect on computer minds, in general, and online, in particular. But the killer and the victim are already adults, it is unlikely they could fall under such a strong influence from, albeit a good, but the game. I, by the way, and always, am of the opinion that the problem is low culture. In a low culture of communication, a low culture of drinking, in a low culture of writing blog reviews. By the way, even the bourgeoisie discuss this sad event. Yes, before the boys gathered the yard to the yard and accidentally cut each other with knives, now members of various clans from online games drunken kick each other with their feet. Nothing changes.

    A study of the week

    sheldon_j on his blog did a wonderful linguistic study . He checked well-known Russian-language blogging services (LJ, and for several parameters. Namely - the concentration of network slang, ideological and political. Thus, the general feeling left by the services (LJ - a bunch of politically concerned intellectuals, and - the Kisa Kuk reserve) is fully confirmed by statistics and can be considered a medical fact. Nevertheless, I recommend that you follow the link and see the data provided. It makes you think about the transience of everything.

    The next guest on our statistical operating table will be the research team's collective blog.SUP company, which promises interesting facts and figures about LJ and the blogosphere. There are not many records in it yet, but all those that exist deserve close examination. For example, about fun countries that indicate Russian-speaking users as a place of residence in their profile. Approximately 15% of ZhZhists who write Cyrillic on their blog and at the same time indicate their country outside the former USSR as their place of residence are actually kidding (and they most likely live in Russia). Otherwise, it is difficult to believe that Albania is among the top ten countries of the far abroad in terms of the number of Russian-speaking LJ users, at about the same level as France and Australia.

    Rules and facts of the week.

    How should children be raised? If you really need to know the answer to this question, ask Olshansky and he will give you an answerfive rules of education . It seems to me that these rules are quite controversial, but I am young and hot, so I can be wrong. But according to these rules, I was brought up absolutely completely and irrevocably wrong. A little annoying.

    Everything that you wanted to know about a dream, but did not know where to spy . Already 29 facts about this important process of our lives. By the way, I really like to sleep. Here, for example, is one of the facts: “ British Defense Department researchers have developed a way for soldiers to be awake for 36 hours. Tiny optical fibers inserted into special glasses projected a ring of bright white light (with a spectrum identical to sunrise) around the edge of the retina of the soldiers' eyes, misleading their brains . "

    Interestingly, girls read my column? Well, I know that the two are definitely reading (Olya and Larisa, taking this opportunity, I send you my regards). How many feminists are there? And anti-feminists? By the way, readers of the all-galactic newspaper for gender equality or for total patriarchy / matriarchy? Okay it does not matter. All that matters is what feminism has brought into our lives . " If you are a woman and the trial of your rapist was not dedicated to the analysis of your moral character and your past lovers, say thank you to the feminists ." Well, a few more thanks too.

    Do you know all the posts of Nikita Mikhalkov? Now you know ! Mommy - 28 posts! Apparently, a very busy man, and yet he also manages to make films. What for?

    And at that time ...

    ... blogs help newspapers survive. The appearance of the newspaper’s own blogs seriously increases the traffic to the publication’s website. This is evidenced by the latest Nielsen // NetRatings study. According to the company, in the USA the audience of newspaper blogs is growing much faster than the audience of electronic versions of publications. Blog traffic for the ten largest American newspapers tripled in a year, reaching 3.8 billion unique visitors. The total number of newspaper readers on the Internet grew by only nine percent, amounting to 29.9 billion people, reports .

    ... British sociopsychologists conducted a large-scale study, during which they were able to establish that male attractiveness is based on the laws of the blogosphere. The law of attractiveness is very simple: the more smiling women around a man, the more spectacular he looks in the eyes of a potential partner. This is where the blogosphere rule works, which states that the most frequently commented posts are most popular, pleases us .

    ... materialized from the Internet pop singer Lily Allen claims to be nominated for three Brit Music Awards at once. Career Lily Allen - a miracle that characterizes the new state of the music industry. Along with Arctic Monkeys, the last winners of another important English music award, Mercury Music Prize, Lily Allen became an example of a powerful breakthrough of a pop artist from the blogosphere to the expanse of “material media” and “major media”. Mrs. Allen at the dawn of her career fundamentally promoted her songs only through MySpace and the like didn’t begin to conclude a major contract until the number of her “friends” began to be tens of thousands. However, the actual musical material deserved no less enthusiasm than the commercial dexterity of the girl. These are stinging verses based on completely original reggae and hip-hop themes,website of the newspaper Kommersant .

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    Published in Computer News (No. 4, 2007)

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