The writer is working on a novel in real time

    Often fans of a particular author enthusiastically study the history of writing a novel / story. Now technology allows us to track the writing process in real time, literally letter by letter. True, there are not many authors who open their works to us before they are ready. An example is the NF novel "Metro 2033", which was laid out on the Web chapter by chapter. Now, the author Sylvia Hartmann offers his fans (and not only them) to follow the writing of his next novel, as mentioned above, letter by letter.

    She is currently writing a fantasy novel called The Dragon Lord. Right hereYou can track the work of the author, now several sections of the 4th chapter are ready. True, it is difficult to judge when the author is on the Web and is working on a novel. But if anyone is interested, I think this can be found out without any problems.

    Of course, access to the document is open, but this does not mean that the novel can be edited. You can simply observe the work of the writer, and thus join the writing process. In addition, novice authors can appreciate the process of writing a novel.

    In any case, this is interesting, I myself sat for about 20 minutes, waiting for the author to appear. But because of the time difference (all the same time zones are different), I did not wait. By the way, Sylvia chose a good option to popularize her novel and herself. Until today, I myself did not know about the existence of such a writer (fantasy is not my favorite genre), but now I know, and I know about the novel. I think that during this open-air work here, many tens of thousands of people learned about Sylvia.

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