Financial Times exceeds digital paper subscribers

    Perhaps the most famous business newspaper in the world, the Financial Times , which is read by 2.1 million people daily, said today that its digital subscribers exceeded the number of subscribers to the print version, and its digital revenues account for half of all sales to  FT Group , TechCrunch writes . And what's more, these sales are growing. Digital FT subscriptions  have grown by 31% since last year, and now there are 300 thousand, while there are 299 thousand print subscriptions. At the same time, the digital share is ahead of the total growth of subscriptions: the total number of FT subscribers

     - 599 thousand - increased by only 2%. The total sales of the newspaper in the first six months of this year amounted to 216 million pounds ($ 339 million), an increase of 6% from 203 million last year.

    Positive indicators demonstrate the performance of the freemium model of the publication, which mixes limited free content with levels of wider access to content for those who are willing to pay (6.25 or 8.59 dollars per week). The lowest level is expectedly the most popular at the moment: the number of registered users of the site - you can register on and have access to a limited amount of free content every month - increased by 26% to 4.8 million people.

    Mobile has become a significant part of the business FT : as much as 25% of all traffic comes from mobile devices.  Last year FT made a bet on an iOS - optimized web application (going against Apple because of its commission from subscriptions via apps) - and it did not fail: 2.7 million people visit the newspaper’s website through a web app.

    In January of this year,  FT bought Assanka , the developer of this web application for iOS , and they worked on its export to other platforms. This web application is now also available on  Chrome on  Android and on  Windows 8 .

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