Regional Online Media: Part 2. What You Need To Be Prepared For

    I continue to write about the features of the creation and work of the regional media. I decided that some more issues need to be clarified before moving on to the essence of the media, so the second part is called "What you need to be prepared for."


    As soon as you have a more or less significant audience, people will surely appear who will offer you cooperation. It is likely that you simply want to use. Regional political life is quite an interesting thing, and a significant part of politicians are not very convinced people. They rush from the right to the left, from the opposition to the ruling party and so on. Personally, I do not see any fundamental difference between the signs at the regional level. "Orbits and Stimorol."

    Whether to work with politicians and if to work, then how and with which is your personal choice. But cooperation can be completely different - from the publication of press releases, to turning into a mouthpiece of the struggle with political opponents.

    We are open for dialogue when it comes to honest advertising. As a result, we, in due time, were offered an interesting form of cooperation from the point of view of the site’s development, which continues to this day - the amateur journalism contest. Thanks to this, people received an extra opportunity and incentive to speak out (including on topics that were unpleasant for the authorities).

    Custom articles

    Thousands of them. For some, they don’t even offer money. My advice to you - do not get involved. If you were sent some kind of “exposure” and it hooked you - clarify the situation and check the facts before clicking “Publish”. Believe me, some people's fantasies are phenomenal. You will not earn a lot of money on this, but you will ruin your reputation. And you can also get a lawsuit for defamation, which is likely to be completely the case. Almost all such articles are backed up by certain political forces that want to make a “stuffing”.

    The temptation to use the media for personal purposes

    This, of course, is not about advertising their projects. Several times I had a strong desire to express my dissatisfaction with certain companies. This temptation must be overcome, because such personal complaints look rather pathetic and, sadly, often a person does not quite soberly evaluate the events to which he is a participant. Personal experiences - personal blog.

    Conflicts with Readers

    If you have comments on the site, then situations will inevitably arise that require your intervention. The only correct policy, it seems to me, is to abide by the rules ourselves. Even if you don’t like a comment, but there is no formal violation of the rules, it’s better not to delete it. If you do not look at two people, 15% of whose comments are steadily deleted, then in general we, despite the apparent bias, reserve the freedom of speech. Comments, it seems to me, somewhat change the task of the media. If in the print media the media expresses its position, and the reader ponders it, then in the online newspaper it is enough to simply sound an informational occasion and not interfere with the readers discussing it, sharing alternative information.

    We have an extremely low number of bans, even despite the fact that we do not impede the re-registration and further communication of users. In fact, we only ban for explicit insults against us. This is an ideological moment, there were no more than five such cases in three years. In general, bans, unless registration on the site is by invitation, is a rather stupid task and bears a symbolic character - a “red card", after which the player still does not interfere with giving the judge a toothache.

    Conflicts with the "heroes" of the news

    Oddly enough, but basically the claims of the "heroes" are justified from the point of view of the law. Somehow, several men “sawed” many millions on a defense order. There was a court. Found guilty. They gave real terms. We wrote about this, and after a while a letter comes from the lawyer that he urges to publish a refutation that “Ivanov” stole the money. Indeed, the court found him not guilty of theft. We published a refutation, without forgetting once again to give a link to the controversial article itself. People understand everything. Having opened the media (even if it is not registered), you will have to follow the words and wordings.

    Certain fame

    If your project goes uphill, then inevitably people will discuss it. And maybe not only him, but also you personally. You just need to be mentally prepared for this. Your media will most likely be read by relatives, friends, acquaintances. Be prepared for the fact that one of them will ask you to change something, remove it, fix it, publish it. One must be able to refuse, although this is not pleasant.

    Disputes between founders

    If you are the sole leader, then you are not interested.

    We opened the site together. Despite friendly relations, our views are different. On the one hand, it interferes. On the other hand, it helps not to do rash acts. If you decide not to do the media alone, then make sure that your partners are able to compromise, and they (and you) can argue with reason.

    Illegal use of content

    We use the license of the Tape (BMF, etc.). At least, this increases the chance that they will copy, but at least put a link. In general, this is dictated by beliefs.

    It's a shame when a competitor takes your photo, cuts off copyright, puts his own and publishes, but such is life. You can sue if there is a desire, zyalt wrote about this in detail, but we have no such experience.

    Several times we revealed the arrogant mass copy-paste of our articles, but not one of these copy-pasteers achieved anything. So I wouldn’t waste much of my nerves on such people.

    Here are the main controversial and unpleasant moments that we encountered and for which we must be prepared. Maybe our colleagues will indicate something else that we have not encountered.

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