The best IT blog of Runet, as bloggers understand it

    An hour ago , the contest “Best IT Blog”, held by the organizers of the exhibition InfoCom'2007, ended . The iPods were at stake, as is usual in our time.

    So the places and voices were distributed:
    1. Urbansheep @ LJ - 44 votes
    2. Solargate - 36 votes
    3. - 31 votes
    Blogs , , with 13 votes each , will get some comforting prizes from 1C-Bitrix (no free hosting for a year :).

    The funny thing is that voting for was actively campaigned by the current winner of the contest, who pulled ahead on the last day of voting :)

    Awarding of the winners will be held tomorrow, on the 26th, at 11-30 at the booth 4Н3-2 "Technologies for All" InfoCom .

    Details and the voting process (which, in my opinion, was too small-town) can be found in the competition journal .

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