Stop! What can not be done on blogs?

    The Internet is full of "citizen journalists." In this case, the blog with their imaginary freedom of communication serves as the press organ. However, everyone who uses online diaries should be aware of the potential responsibility and carefully read the Criminal Code. Read more on >>

    This must be remembered by the Russian blogger.
    Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
    . 129 “defamation” of
    Art. 130 "insult" of
    Art. 137 "violation of privacy"
    Art. 183 “illegal receipt and disclosure of information constituting commercial, tax and banking secrets”
    Art. 205.2. "Public calls to terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism"
    Art. 207 “False Terrorism Report”
    Art. 280 "public calls for extremist activities"
    art. 282 "incitement to hatred or enmity, as well as the humiliation of human dignity"
    Art. 283 "disclosure of state secrets"
    Art. 319 “insulting a representative of authority”

    Civil Code
    Art. 139 “official and commercial secret”,
    Art. 151 "compensation for non-pecuniary damage"
    Art. 152. “Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation”

    Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 149-ФЗ “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”
    Art. 10 “dissemination of information or provision of information”
    Art. 17 “liability for offenses in the field of information, information technology and information protection”

    Law of the Russian Federation of 09.07.1993 N 5351-1 (as amended on 07/20/2004) "On Copyright and Related Rights"
    Art. 48. “violation of copyright and related rights”

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