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    There are many link shortening services on the Internet , the most famous of which are TinyURL and , and in the future they will be used more and more actively due to the growing popularity of microblogging. However, they all have common shortcomings, the most important thing is the inability to understand the origin of the link from the URL, which opens up great opportunities for spammers. The analytical functionality of the abbreviations is also not ideal. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a new instrument .

    Its main advantage is the setting of link reduction through your unique URL, which completely eliminates spammers and increases user confidence in links. For two- or three-letter domains, this is ideal; they can be converted to short links without shredding the current site structure. The rest can pick up a domain similar in sound. For example, TechCrunch specifically registered the Czech domain for these purposes.

    Secondly, the engine generates unique URLs for publication in different places, so you can analyze which of the referrers took the link from Twitter, and which - from Leprosy. There is a more competent analysis of information flows. All data is exported to the familiar Google Analytics interface. There is also support for Twitterfeed , AddtoAnyand TweetFace .

    Unfortunately, subscribing to costs money, namely $ 99 per year (limit of 10,000 URLs per month). Only commercial projects can afford this. Probably, a subscription should pay off at serious media portals publishing original content. Everyone else can wait for the appearance of free analogues, and they are just around the corner, because the service is very popular, and the service is not so complicated in programming.

    via Techcrunch

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