75% of site owners do not know that they are being promoted by blog spam

    - cross-post from my blog.

    Such is the sad statistics that I deduced for myself during telephone conversations with the owners of sites whose addresses appeared on my blogs.

    In fact, the title is not entirely correct, because I keep statistics only on 200m cases of blog spam. However, I believe that the overall picture is approximately similar to my results.

    Why am I sure people don’t know about this? I can’t say with great certainty, however, people on the other side sometimes had a poor understanding of what a site was, and I had to explain what kind of www (well, there’s such a double Roman numeral five). In each such case, they told me that the site was given for promotion to some optimizers there. And what is happening there - they are not in the know.
    75% of site owners do not know that they are being promoted by blog spam
    Having talked a little with people, I realized that in all cases, people bought at a small cost of optimization and promotion. After I left the phone, last name and website address, spam stopped altogether. I can’t say why, maybe the optimizers were informed about this call, and they excluded my address from this spam list, or maybe someone broke off their relationship with them.

    Most of all, I don’t like the fact that people are fooled without informing at the conclusion of the contract the details of optimization and promotion. How they are promoted and untwisted, the site owners learned from me. This shocked some - it’s understandable, no one likes spam except spammers.

    I kept statistics for three months, when it occurred to me to call a person and ask him in the forehead what the hell he was doing. At first, I did not believe in the tales of some mysterious optimizers, which themselves muddied something there - however, the mass of such excuses made me think.

    However, exactly a quarter of the owners directly answered, saying yes - spam, but what to do. I did not want to enter into polemics and reasoning, and did not. Most agreed to exclude me from spam lists, and indeed, spam no longer appears. But, in fairness, it should be noted that there were those who sent me in plain text, absolutely not embarrassed by the fact that they were caught, in fact, in the act.

    I strongly hope that those people with whom I talked will no longer get into trouble with optimizers, and in the future they will not crap in my blog and in yours.

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