Live streaming European Championship

    Live streaming European Championship
    The final of the 2008 European Championship is about to begin in Vienna. 52 thousand people will enjoy the action directly at the Ernst Happel Stadium, hundreds of thousands in the squares near the installed giant screens and hundreds of millions in the TVs on the home couch. The audience of online broadcasts is growing every year. During the championship, I periodically looked at thematic resources, and in this material I will share my impressions of what I saw. The review included the broadcasts of,,,,

    I'll start with the brainchild of a 08euro.ruit turned out to be the most “anti-websdaniel” - there is no place for UGC. The user on the online page can get acquainted with the composition of teams and the arrangement of players on the field. I would like to note the creativity of designers - football players are indicated by blue and red columns. The columns reminded me of charts in Excel. I agree that the pillar is ideal for designating Roman Shirokov in the match with the Spaniards, but it is not quite suitable for designating the same Torres. An online feed is updated on average once every 2 minutes. Goals are often accompanied not only by a brief description, but also by photo. Example record: 50 'GOAL! The Spaniards carried out an attack - Iniesta shot in the penalty area, where Javi from the central zone struck irresistibly ...

    Broadcast liveresult.runot much different from the above. Unless the refresh rate is slightly higher, on average 1 record per minute. The description of the same goal looks like this: GO-O-O-O-O-O-OL! 0: 1! Xavi! Our defenders overslept. Iniesta on the left flank beat Anyukov, and then made a serve on the goalkeeper line, and Xavi shot Akinfeev point-blank in touch.

    Broadcast stands out by the presence of user comments. At the end of the match there are estimates of football players and brief statistics on the amount of shots, corners, offsides. Example: Iniesta fiddled with the ball for a long time, shoots along the goal, and Xavi drives the ball into the net.

    At first glance, the brainchild of sports.ruseems perfect. Here you will find both the broadcasting tape, and the commentary tape of ordinary users, and pre-match quotes of bookmakers, and detailed statistics. I would especially like to note the excellent implementation of shot statistics: the authors provide a complete “rendering” of shots per match. Thanks to this, you can find out not only that during the whole Germany-Turkey match the Germans delivered 3 shots on target, but also make sure that out of all German shots, only 4 were made outside the penalty area. Pros noted, walk through the cons. The main stream is terrible! Somehow I turn on the TV late, they take away a Romanian football player with a bandage on his face. I go to find out information on the online broadcast, and nothing happened there. Only after some time, dry replacement information. Well, missed the point, too lazy to write, or something else,
    22 'Foul Villa is breaking the rules. Anyukov suffered.
    21 'Foul Senna is breaking the rules. Semak suffered.
    19 'Foul Senna is breaking the rules. Sayenko suffered.
    17 'Foul Semshov violates the rules. Senna suffered.
    16 'Shot Pavlyuchenko hits. The ball flies by.
    15 'Foul Puyol breaks the rules. Arshavin suffered.
    15 'Foul Torres is breaking the rules. Ignashevich suffered.

    Excellent description of 7 minutes of the match. 5 points to bot and 2 points if it is a person.

    Broadcast ru.euro2008.uefa.comperformed on a solid 11 points on a ten-point scale. It immediately becomes clear where other resources draw information from. It has everything: statistics of shots, violations, possession, mileage of each player and the whole team. The information is well structured, usability at the highest level. I have no words!

    broadcasts differ from the aforementioned material presentation styles. The tape team is beer-filled before the match and they act on the principle: “What I see, I ’m singing about it.” It’s not just a goblin translation of the match, but an excellent broadcast in the banter for people who want to catch the spirit of the match via the Internet, and not just a dry statement facts. For beer-heated Melnikov and Polivanov, the comments are very emotional:
    56 'GOOOOL! Kovalchuk! Yo-yo-yo! Pavlyuchenko! Sorry, sorry.
    56 'Arshavin gave to Semak, he hung, Pavlyuchenko with one touch with his foot - at the gate. This is GOOOOOOL! Some swear words in my head. Sorry again.

    They didn’t bother with the statistics on the tape. There are teams, goals, substitutions and deletions. For gamblers there are bookmaker quotes for the outcome of the match and for winning the championship of the playing teams. It was especially interesting to watch the odds in matches with the participation of the Turkish team. The disadvantages of this project, I would attribute the need to manually refresh the page. The authors honestly warn readers before the start of the match:
    22:08 'The principle of updating our online: "F5 without Ctrl - like tequila without beer." That is, it makes no sense. That is, you need Ctrl + F5.

    PS In the last paragraph I wanted to summarize the review, but instead I will advise football fans to turn on the TV and forget about the computer for a few hours.

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