Nofollow, or dofollow - that is the question - or universal hysteria in the blogosphere

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    I was subjected to writing this article because I seriously thought about whether to remove “rel = nofollow” from my blog, which has already taken place in WP since version 1.5. In order not to harm myself in the future, I read information, references, etc., and decided to share the conclusions made.

    What is nofollow?

    Simply put, this is the HTML attribute of the A tag, which tells search engines that there is no need to click on the link. Google introduced this attribute in 2005 in order to reduce the impact of spam on search engine results and reduce the likelihood of PageRank cheating. In fact, everything there is a bit more complicated in technical part and is closely related to the algorithms of search robots, but I conveyed the meaning to you quite accurately.

    It is worth considering that many search engines either understand this tag, or have their own analogues. For example, our giant Yandex suggests using the noindex tag.

    By the way, not only bloggers, but also large resources, such as or YouTube, cover links through nofollow.
    Nofollow, or dofollow: that is the question - or universal hysteria in the blogosphereNofollow, or dofollow: that is the question - or universal hysteria in the blogosphere

    Blog Spam

    For me, spam is my scourge, I spend up to 15 minutes a day (for me 15 minutes is a lot, you can do it) to wipe spam from my pages, even if the plug-ins work in principle, which are pretty good, which allow you to keep black sheets, including masks. At such moments, I understand that the nofollow tag is extremely useful. After all, it partially protects me from the fact that they, in essence, are using me.

    Up to 50 spam comments or trackbacks are left on my posts per day. Up to half it kills either WP itself or the plugins I installed. The rest is handles, while training plugins to kill and quarter spam comments.

    What are people to blame for?

    I asked myself this question last night when I thought about whether I should remove this attribute from my links or leave it behind and add also noindex for reliability? For me, as a newcomer to the stand alone blogging movement, it’s not entirely clear why people cannot get a small plus from the fact that they actively participate in the life of not only their blog, but also the blogs of their friends. Of course we can say that the mutual subscription to the tape - this is the true manifestation of feelings of friendliness and loyalty. However, I do not agree with this. People come not only from blogs, but also from search engines.

    More than 40 people from search engines come to my blog per day, for various requests. I am more than sure that this figure would have been greater if not for nofollow.

    In the end - stand alone blog is not only interesting entries, but also work. The job of keeping your blog clean. You should give your commentator not only a chance to speak and take part in the conversation, but also get some bonus from the fact that he left a comment. If I may say so - in some way, to promote it.

    An unpleasant situation has developed in the blogosphere (it is unpleasant for me, at least), when the owners of popular blogs manipulate links in order to get profit from it. They sell them, change them, use them as a mechanism for enrichment, both in their own pocket and in the indicators of their blog.

    The only cases where I like guards (such a name was given to such links) are when they are presented in gratitude for any help, or simply share interesting material with my readers (I often do this under the “Weekend Links” section) .

    What to do? And why?

    I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what I did.
    1. From today, I am removing nofollow from my blog. I suggest using it,)
    2. On the blog, it is quite possible to expect the appearance of captcha. If I find one that personally me (and therefore most readers) will not annoy and cause problems.
    3. Morally prepared for the fact that spam will be a little more.

    Instead of a conclusion

    One of the reasons why I nevertheless removed nofollow is the complete lack of desire to monetize the traffic on my blog. I don’t want to make money on it, I just write on my blog.

    Remember, if you want to make money on your blog, then the absence of nofollow can not only increase the number of people coming from search engines, but even vice versa - reduce it.

    I’ll be able to tell you about this, suppose, in about two weeks, when it will be possible to already build in the graphs and try to understand how this affected traffic from search engines.


    I suggest you remove nofollow on your blog as an obsolete tool. If after reading this article you decide to remove it, leave a comment, I will put a link to you on a separate page on my blog.

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