Greetings to all habrazhitel. Created a new blog, with the hope that it will be useful and interesting to the community. The blog is called " World"and it will contain brief reviews of interesting and useful (and sometimes just original) projects that can be found in the depths of this resource. It's no secret that among the tens of thousands of open source software that is placed there, it is often very difficult, not knowing exactly what you are looking for , find a program that would solve your particular problem.Some projects are abandoned, some can be recommended only to professionals, others will help even a novice user to get used to the world of open programs and will qualitatively solve their problems. al blog that randomly selecting projects that I find interesting, I will briefly review them and give basic information It is completely different in the applicability of projects -. and for system administration, and developers and ordinary users, for any operating system and written in different languages. But they are all open source and hosted on

    I hope this will be useful and interesting to the community! I would be glad if anyone joins.

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